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The Truth About Laser Hair Removal Risks

When mentioning laser hair removal chances are, people will remind you about the many risks involved in the process. If you ask them what these risks are, and their answers would be varied. You’ll most probably hear words like cancer-inducing, extreme burning, pregnancy-aborting and other frightful terms.


Such is the common notion of the process

Many people are afraid to give it a try because of what they believe to be serious laser hair removal risks. What are the reasons behind their fears? Is there truth in their concerns? The process is a very convenient and efficient approach to solving the problem of unwanted and unsightly hair growth. It would be quite unfortunate if this kind of treatment is dismissed before it could even be considered.

So, what is the truth behind these alleged laser hair removal risks? Let’s discuss them further and attempt to dispel the myths.

The treatment is by no means cancer-inducing. Everything will transpire on the surface of the skin and will be confined to such an area. Only a small amount of concentrated light will be applied on the follicles. This would be enough to kill the follicles without harming the rest of the skin layer.

laser hair removal beauty


The treatment does not pose the risk of extreme burning

Though there are cases where the patient may suffer some burns, these are rare (as when the patient is dark complexioned and has lighter colored hair, in which case the person will be advised against the treatment in the first place), and even such burns are too negligible to even be considered as injuries. Slight swelling can sometimes be experienced as well, but this normally subsides after a few hours and is experienced only by patients with very sensitive skin.

There is no scientific study showing that laser hair removal poses grave risks to a pregnant woman and the child she is carrying. But as with everything else with pregnancy, extreme caution should be exercised. Besides, the expecting mother can surely wait for 9 months or so before she could consider the treatment. There should be no problem there.

Knowing the truth behind the fears would allow us to embrace what would be beneficial for our aesthetic needs. There is no reason to worry about laser hair removal risks. The fact that the treatment will be conducted by professionals should allay your hesitation even more. Laser hair treatment is a great alternative in remedying the age-old problem of undesirable hair growth.