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A Plain-English Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular method of depilation in recent years, for many good reasons. But like most other beauty treatments, it should be undertaken with caution and with a little bit of research under your belt, so here are the most important factors to bear in mind when considering whether laser hair removal is right for you.


First of all, what is laser hair removal? Unless you want to understand the physics of light, there’s a very simple definition. In the hands of an experienced beauty therapist, a handheld device emits a particular wavelength of light, which destroys the hair without harming the skin that surrounds it. It’s a simple technique that’s easy to administer, and more importantly, unlike waxing or sugaring, it’s relatively pain-free.


There are, however, some disadvantages associated with this method of hair removal, and it’s unfortunately not suitable for everyone. Because the laser destroys dark material, the hair to be removed must be darker than the skin surrounding it, so those with very fair hair might not be eligible for laser hair removal.


Recently tanned skin is also unsuited to this method of hair removal, so be careful to avoid the sun before you schedule your appointment. Any type of skin damage may be exacerbated by the use of lasers, so take good care of your skin before you take that trip to the beauty salon, and postpone your appointment should you develop any skin injuries, such as a rash, or a cut.


Laser hair removal is sometimes advertised as a permanent system of hair removal, and while this method of depilation often does yield long-lasting results, there is not yet enough evidence to support a blanket claim of permanent hair loss. Laser hair removal is most effective on those with paler skins and dark hair, and many people matching this description have found that regrowth is minimal, with new hairs finer and lighter than prior to treatment.


Laser hair removal is more expensive than other methods of depilation, and as the area of unwanted hair can require a number of treatments before optimal results are seen, the cost can quickly add up. But for those who regularly spend a small fortune on shavers, waxing strips and other hair removal tools, the effectiveness of laser surgery can make it a real money saver in the long run.


It is important to remember that a laser can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so be careful to find a professional and reputable salon to perform your laser hair removal. Find a beauty therapist with whom you feel comfortable, and ask any and all questions you need to put your mind at ease. Don’t be afraid to ask about your therapist’s qualifications and experience – all laser hair removal practitioners should be licensed physicians or registered nurses.


Laser hair removal is an effective technique than can bring wonderful results. Relatively painless – expect a slight tingling sensation when the laser is in use – and long-lasting, laser hair removal is, however, a technique that requires skilled hands. Treat your skin with the respect it deserves and find a well-qualified and experienced practitioner to perform the procedure, and say goodbye to that unwanted hair.