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How to Get the Most out of Laser Hair Removal In Between Sessions

Laser Hair Removal is an investment in both time and money, so it makes sense that if you undergo laser treatment you hope to get the most out of your sessions. While being a Satori Laser customer guarantees a permanent reduction in hair growth due to the quality of our top of the line machines, there are still a few things you can do in between sessions to ensure that your hair falls out faster and that the results last. Heed these three simple tips to make the most out of laser hair removal:

  1. Do not get a tan or expose yourself to the sun without SPF–if you are going to undergo laser hair removal treatments, you will also have to commit to avoiding sun exposure for two weeks before and after a session to get the most out of laser hair removal. If you do need to be outside, apply an SPF of 50 or above to your body fifteen minutes before you venture outdoors. If you neglect to do this, there are two potential unwanted side effects: skin discoloration in the area that was treated with lasers, or burns from the lasers. If you come in for a session with a tan, your aesthetician may not be able to perform a treatment on your skin–the heat in the lasers does not respond well to tan skin, and can potentially burn the epidermis.
  1. Do not remove hair from the root inback between sessions: If you are just beginning your laser hair removal journey, you may notice that one or two sessions have removed some, but not all, of your excess hair in the targeted area. This is normal, as laser hair removal requires time and patience to see significant long lasting results–however, you probably don’t want to walk around with patches of hair all over your legs or upper lip. You can remove hair from the surface of the skin, but not the root. What that means is: you can shave or use a depilatory cream, but do not wax or pluck any unwanted hairs. Because the lasers target the follicle beneath the skin while the hair is in its active growth stage, if there is no root for it to attack, the treatment will not be affective.
  1. Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliating is a good habit to be in even if you aren’t undergoing laser hair removal, as it removes excess dead skin to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin. In between treatments it is especially beneficial, as an exfoliating treatment will expedite the removal of hairs that were removed during laser hair removal but still remain on the skin. In most cases, these hairs are loosely clinging to the skin and just need an extra push out. About ten to fourteen days after your session, about the time when the hairs begin to fall out, use a natural exfoliant like a sugar scrub to get rid of those pesky hairs in-between treatments. This will not interfere with future sessions, as hairs that will be removed through exfoliation were already zapped by the lasers.

These tips will make all the difference in your hair removal journey. Adhering to the rules is the best way to avoid any inconvenience, injury, and to obtain the best results possible.