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Best Place For Laser Hair Removal

best place for laser hair removal

Despite laser hair removal’s growing popularity, many are still apprehensive to have the procedure done for fear that it is unsafe and can harm the skin. How to find the best place for laser hair removal? While there have been reports of serious skin damage inflicted on a few people due to laser hair removal in the past, the technology currently available ensures a safe and minimally painful experience. However, there are still laser hair removal places all over that compromise safety and client well-being for underhanded ways of saving money. This can include untrained and inexperienced staff, faulty equipment, and misinformation. At Satori Laser, we guarantee safety and limited pain to our clients because we genuinely do use the highest quality equipment and have an experienced staff. Here are some things to look out for as your research laser hair removal facilities to ensure you will be safe:

Research Online

Since technology offers us such a high volume of information, it is only natural that one would do their research online first before they settled for a laser hair removal provider. Websites such as Yelp, LivingSocial, and Google Reviews provide numerous consumer accounts of their experiences at any given establishment of business. Laser hair removal facilities are no exception. Simply search for places in your area that offer laser hair removal and find their Yelp pages. The reviews will give you an honest account of the legitimacy of the place and warn you of any foul play or danger.

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Free Consultation


While reviews are a good springboard in the process, a facility that provides a positive experience for one user may not do the same for another. Therefore, you can set up a free consultation at the establishments you have researched that have been reviewed well and chose from there. Most legitimate places will offer a free consultation so that you and a trained technician can discuss what areas you would like to be treated, if you have the proper hair color to be lasered off, and any other issues that may come up. This real life discussion with a professional will do wonders to ease your mind about taking the plunge with laser hair removal, and you will probably get a feeling as to which places are in fact offering the safest services.

The Facility

When you go in for your free consultation, also be aware of your surroundings when you enter the facility–is the place clean and nicely decorated? Are the technicians and staff well manicured and professional looking? Certification certificates from reputable institutions on the walls? Are you being treated by the staff with the utmost respect and courtesy? If any of these things give you a bad feeling, you may be better off choosing another place on your list. After all, if the staff makes you uncomfortable with a bad attitude or a lack of professionalism, you will likely be nervous and have a bad experience, whether or not it results in bodily injury.


Also, do your research and ask questions about what equipment is being used. But be weary that not every facility will be completely honest with you. Some may claim to use the Candela machines (the best available) yet may actually use another machine that is not as effective and potentially dangerous. The reviews could give you an idea of what equipment a place actually uses, so keep an eye open for that. However, if a facility has nothing to hide, you can ask to see the machines and discuss which one is best suited to your needs during the consultation.

Satori Laser

Satori Laser uses Candela machines that will not only remove hair effectively but also keep you safe and comfortable. While laser hair removal usually comes with a small amount of pain. Rest assured at Satori you will not be burned by our state of the art technology. The Candela machines are equipped with an innovative cooling system. It soothes the skin with cool air following each zap of the laser. This minimizes both the pain and the potential for skin damage throughout your treatment.


You will find that Satori Laser offers the best and safest quality of service for an affordable price. Satori Laser fulfills all of the requirements of a safe, sanitary, and effective laser hair removal spa. You will be in good hands with our highly trained staff and first-rate machines.