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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Does laser hair removal hurt

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

As numerous Yelp reviews and Laser Hair removal testimonials will tell you, laser hair removal can be painful. While it’s certainly not a high degree of pain in the majority of cases, many liken it to the unpleasant sensation of having a rubber band flicked against the skin. And to boot, the fleshier the area you are targeting is (e.g. the stomach or Brazilian), the more painful it will be. For those of us with a low threshold for pain, this can result in a very uncomfortable experience.

While you can’t exactly expect laser hair removal to be entirely pain-free, one sure-fire way you can avoid a high intensity of discomfort is to choose Satori Laser as your laser hair removal facility. While all laser spas claim to use only the highest quality machines on the market, Satori Lasers is one of the few that can truthfully boast such a claim. Our Candela machines are the top of the line and the envy of the laser industry.

Candela Machines

There are many features on the Candela machines that make them truly special, yet the most notable in terms of providing minimal discomfort is the unique Dynamic Cooling Device, which cools and soothes the skin after each zap of the laser. This patented technology is unique to Candela systems and reduces the pain associated with laser hair removal significantly. (Bonus: Because of the cooling system, our Candela-trained technicians can set the laser on a higher setting, resulting in deeper penetration of the skin as well as shorter and more effective sessions.)


In addition to choosing Satori Lasers, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure your skin won’t be tortured by laser hair removal. One tip for women is to avoid scheduling an appointment on or near your period, as the skin is especially tender and sensitive during this period of time. Lasers can exacerbate the pain if you are at this point in your cycle.

You can also reduce the sting of the lasers by popping two Ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment. Also, shave the targeted area one night before your session, as the shorter, the treated hair is, the less pain you will experience. Applying a light layer of numbing cream before a session can also work wonders for reducing laser-induced pain.

While it is normal for skin to be red, irritated, or itchy directly following a laser treatment, at Satori Laser, we apply an all-natural aloe cream to the treated skin once the treatment has concluded. This will significantly reduce any pain associated with the laser and any temporary side effects that could cause discomfort. Paired with the Candela cooling technology, your laser hair removal experience at Satori  Laser will be a cinch, even for those of us with a low tolerance for pain.

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