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How Exactly does Laser Hair Removal Work?

With so much hype surrounding laser hair removal–including discussions of its effectiveness and safety–one would think everyone would be talking about how it actually works. However, at Satori, how laser hair removal targets hair is one of the most frequently asked questions, with good reason. It is important to be educated on how exactly laser hair removal works to have peace of mind and the best result backThe simplest explanation is that laser hair removal uses a specific wavelength of light paired with pulses that target the melanin contained within a hair follicle. Melanin is what gives hair its color, so the darker the hair the more the laser will respond to it because light takes in dark objects. What makes the lasers so effective and safe is that it targets the melanin and the follicle without impacting the skin surrounding it.

There are two main types of lasers used in spas, either Alexandrite or Yag lasers. The principle difference between them is that Alexandrite lasers work best on light skin, while Yag lasers suit darker skin. It is incredibly important that any establishment offering laser hair removal has both so it can treat a range of skin tones. Using the improper laser on the wrong skin tone could cause damage to the skin, a risk that should never be taken.

At Satori Laser, we use Candela machines, the best on the market, which operate differently from other subpar laser machines. Candela machines have a unique cooling system that calms the skin directly after the laser has been used. This ensures not only that the skin will not be damaged, but also allows our Candela certified technicians to set the laser at a higher setting, meaning more effective treatments for you.

On average, after about 6-8 sessions, the majority of the hair in the area treated should be eradicated. Of course, results may vary on an individual basis; some see complete results in as little as three sessions, while for others it may take 8 to 10 to see a significant permanent reduction. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that laser hair removal works, especially when performed with the highest quality equipment possible.