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Home Laser Hair Removal

home laser hair removal

At home laser hair removal systems

At home laser hair removal systems have been touted as a more convenient and cheaper alternative to laser hair removal at a spa or salon. However, further researches of the facts reveal that even if at home systems are cheaper at face value, you are actually spending a lot more than you would if you went to a professional. The truth of the matter is: at home systems are not as powerful as those used in spas.

Type of Laser Used

Generally, the type of laser used in at-home systems are diode lasers, or in some cases IPL. When diode lasers target melanin in the hair follicle, they damage it much less than an Alexandrite or Nd: YAG laser does. This makes the treatment less effective and long lasting. Alexandrite and Nd: significant resultsYAG lasers significant results. Sometimes at-home systems, such as the popular Silk’n, are IPLs (Intense Pulsed Light) and are not nearly as effective as the lasers used in salons. It’s a no-brainer: a more powerful machine with highly advanced lasers will yield the best results. That kind of outcome is not yet available in the at-home laser market.


Also, at home systems are simply more dangerous. Who do you trust more, a highly trained and Candela certified laser technician who performs laser treatments all day, or yourself, who has likely never used a laser before? The risk of injury not only goes up with an inexperienced hand at the other end of the laser device but also with the use of diode lasers, which were found to cause approximately a 29% incidence of injury, as opposed to Alexandrite’s 9.5% chance of harm.


Many consumers who have used at-home systems have admitted that the small devices cause a lot of pain. It’s nearly impossible for most to use the highest setting because of the discomfort it causes. Yet, the highest setting also provides the best results–therefore, you are forced to choose between a whole lot of pain and a less than the satisfactory result with at-home systems. This isn’t the case at a professional laser spa such as Satori Laser. We can use our top-notch Candela machines at the highest possible setting with little to no risk of injury and minimal pain because the technology cools the skin as it targets melanin. Therefore, you will get better results with less harm done at Satori Laser.


Plus at Satori, you have our guarantee that our machines will always be in working order. With at-home systems, such as the Tria, many reviewers on Amazon report that after a few months to a year, their device stopped working. It seems unfair that you should have to endure so much pain and injury with underwhelming results, only for the machine to break–add on top of that the high price tag of at-home systems (which ranges from $200-$500), and you’ll probably wind up at a reputable laser spa like Satori anyway. Why waste the money and put yourself in so much pain? Cut out the middle man and go for the best of the best, to begin with, saving yourself money, agony, and time–for superior results. Check out Satori laser hair removal deals in stores or online!

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