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Benefits of having eMatrix done!

Satori Laser offers eTwo, which treats wrinkles, age spots, scars, and acne.

Two Different Types of Laser Surgery

Though there are many different forms of laser facial rejuvenation therapy, they traditionally fall into one of two categories: ablative and non-ablative. laser benefitAblative lasers remove or vaporize the top layers of your skin using high temperatures and thus cause significant redness and downtimes. Non-ablative lasers do not use high temperatures and work on the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate new cell production. You can typically have a non-ablative procedure done on your lunch hour if you’d like. Standard lasers are also monochromatic, meaning that they use only one wavelength of light, depending upon the depth and other specific details of the single target that’s being treated. In other words, they either treat surface conditions or they treat deep tissue. They can be broken down further into what specific conditions they treat based on color/wavelength. As you’ve probably figured by now, if you want to treat two different conditions, you would normally need two different types of laser treatment. Enter eTwo technology!

A New Type of Laser for Facial Rejuvenation

For those of us who remember when a laser was basically an imaginary tool that was used by cartoon characters to decimate Planet Earth, just the monochromatic therapy is a wondrous thing. As with all forms of technology though, lasers are progressing in leaps and bounds. As we learn about human anatomy and how light therapy actually works, we’re combining the two to make some pretty amazing tools that can be used for cosmetic and medical purposes.
The eTwo laser is just such a tool. Instead of the standard monochromatic performance of its older brothers and sisters, eTwo uses two types of radio frequencies: one to treat the top surface of your skin and one that treats the deep layers. The parent company, Syneron, has trademarked these two types of frequencies as Sublime and Sublative. The Sublime frequency uses infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to stimulate collagen production in the deep dermal layer of your skin. The Sublative frequency uses heat energy in the top layers of your skin to stimulate both elastin and collagen production in order to make your skin look renewed almost immediately. As the first technology of its kind, eTwo has taken the facial rejuvenation world by storm and was approved by the FDA in November of 2011. Since then, the demand for it has grown exponentially.

How Long Does eTwo Laser Therapy Take and How Much Does It Cost?
In order to receive the full effect, you’ll probably need three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. Each treatment takes less than an hour and the entire series is going to cost between $2000-$3500. That’s not too far out of line from other forms of laser rejuvenation therapy.

How Well Does It Work?

Since the laser is fractionated, each time that you receive a treatment, only a portion of your skin is resurfaced. That means that you’re not going to be dealing with an oozing, scabby face for a week or more like you would if you were having your entire face resurfaced ablatively at once. Instead, the eTwo is nearly painless and has practically no side effects. It is, however, extremely effective. Users report immediately noticeable results after the first treatment in the form of a lifted, brighter complexion. After completion of all three treatments, there’s a significant decrease in wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging that lasts for up to a year or longer.

If you’re considering laser therapy for skin rejuvenation, eTwo should be at the top of your research list. Don’t ponder over whether you should have it and come on over to Satori Laser and start today!