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Laser Hair Removal Vs Electrolysis

How Electrolysis Works

electrolysis hair removal

A metal probe is inserted into the skin until it reaches the follicle. Through this metal probe that looks like a tiny needle, electricity is sent into the follicle in order to permanently destroy it.

The electricity makes the follicle incapable of producing any more hairs. And that’s why electrolysis is the only permanent method.

But I’m sure that you’ve already guessed that it’s also a really slow process. Some patients have sessions for years.

It’s a demanding procedure because each follicle must be treated individually. There is only one metal probe and electricity must be sent through it on individual follicles.

It can take between 9 months up to 18 months to treat a single area. First of all, it depends on the surface of the treated are. Secondly, the difference is also made by fine hair growth or heavy growth. If you’re treating your legs then it’s definitely going to take almost two years.

Each session lasts between 15 minutes up to an hour. In the beginning, the sessions might be weekly, gradually advancing to monthly sessions.

How Laser Hair Removal Works


First of all, this method only works on people with light skin and dark hair. The darker the hair the better. If you don’t fit into this category, don’t do it. Serious burns can be caused to your skin by the laser light. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, Satori Laser has free consultations and will be willing to discuss this.

It’s quite simple to describe how it works. Basically, the name says it all: pulses of laser light are sent to the follicle, which should permanently destroy it.

Between 45% and 90% of your unwanted hairs will be gone.

The sessions last a lot less because multiple hairs at a time are attacked by the laser light every time a pulse/flash is sent. The average time is up to 30 minutes for the leg, 10 minutes for the underarms and around 8 minutes for the bikini area.

You can be lucky and only end up needing 6 sessions or you can end up doing 10 sessions or even 20. It depends. Also, you can have a touch-up session with Satori Laser if you feel that it is needed. 


When talking about electrolysis vs laser hair removal, the latter is more convenient and definitely the least expensive. This holds especially true when it comes to Satori Laser. 

The cost per session for electrolysis can be all over the place. For treating a big part of your body, the total cost can even reach $8,000. If you only want to treat a small area, like the upper lip or the chin, the price for all the needed sessions can be on average $600.