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There are Many Benefits When it Comes to Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal benefit
  • Time
    The time it takes to get laser done is less than you’d think! Upper lip, for instance, can take maybe even less than three minutes. Bigger body areas will only take a few extra minutes, and this process can be faster than waxing! Additionally, this is certainly quicker than going through every strand of hair with electrolysis.
  • Minor discomfort
    Although it’s rumored to be very painful, Satori Laser uses Candela – a machine that sprays Cryogen, which minimizes the amount of pain that you’d feel. As many have said, if waxing is tolerable to you, then the laser will definitely be as well.
  • Permanent reduction
    It won’t be a permanent hair removal for many, but a lot of people receive up to 90% hair reduction.
  • Precision
    The laser targets your hair follicles only and leaves your skin unscathed – if you’re under the hands of a trustworthy technician such has the ones at Satori Laser.
  • Soft Skin 
    Not only do you get to remove your unwanted hair, your skin can also soften after the treatment!
  • FDA approved
    Not all methods are approved by FDA, but rest assured because laser hair removal is! This almost guarantees the safety when it comes to the usage of the machine. However, once again, make sure you look for a reputable office to get your hair removed! 

Are you convinced yet? If you are, then come to one of the three locations below! If not, we do offer free consultations if more information will help with your decision.