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What to expect at Consultation

We understand you are ready to start, you have been wanting to Laser your body for years, you have done your research... but wait just a minute. Let's get to know each other first!

Having your Consultation is very important, it's the perfect time to ask questions, to clear the air about any concerns, protocols and set the right expectations for your Laser Hair Removal journey. 

Consultations at Satori are complimentary, directly with a Laser Technician, they last around twenty minutes and are mandatory for all first time clients. You do not want to stop at that? No problem at all, you can schedule the time to have treatment right after Consultation during that visit to our store. 

The pandemic changed all of us, one of the changes that came to stay is Zoom meetings, if it is complicated for you to make it to the store and would prefer having an Online Consultation you are more than welcome to schedule it that way.


How do you book it?

You can call or text your nearest location or if you are interested in an online Consultation you can enter your information here 


If you decided to have it in person this is how it goes;


The Forms

At your arrival, our receptionist will guide you to a tablet to start filling up our new client forms. We will require information such as your address, the name of all medications you are taking, the name of the products you use topically on the area you want to treat, any type of allergies, health conditions, etc. You will then sign the contract. A copy of it will be sent to your email account automatically.


The Presentation

One of our amazing technicians will take you to the Consultation room. A presentation with all needed information will be followed. During this time, she will ask questions about your goals, the areas that you are interested in treating and will confirm if any of the products or medications your listed prior could affect this process. With this in combination with seeing your skin, and hair color the technician will conclude if you are a candidate for Laser Hair Removal or not. 

You will also be explained in detail the different options you have regarding purchases, single sessions, packages, payment plans or customized prices. 


The decision

At this point you will have three options; go home and think about it further, ask for a free test patch or have your first treatment and start enjoining the results today!


Why do I have to go through Consultation?

Because at Satori Laser we take our client's skin and results very seriously, we love what we do and we believe in giving our clients clear and honest information from the start so you can love it too.