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Who Performs the Treatments?

Many wonder and rightfully so... "Who will be doing my treatments?


A licensed esthetician. To become one, a person needs to complete a state approved cosmetology or esthetician program and pass a state exam for licensure. The amount of hours required for this program to last depends on the state; for example in New York state is 600 hours long, in Pennsylvania is 300 hours long.  

A female. We are a female owned company and majority of our clientele is female so we have found that they often feel more comfortable if they are assisted by another female. 


Will I be seen by the same technician every time?

If you prefer to see the same technician for every visit, we totally understand. Please let receptionist know this when you are booking an appointment. We will make a note about your request in your profile about it. In case that the requested technician is not available because of an emergency or a change in schedule you will be notified prior to your arrival, with as much anticipation as possible. 

It's important you know that your process is not affected at all by who you are seeing. We keep detailed records of each treatment we perform and every technician is able to treat you successfully at any point of your process.


        At Satori Laser we have very detailed protocols that are followed by all of our staff members to ensure the safety and happiness of our clients. Some of them are the pre-care questions, post-care reminders, the strict sanitization of everything in the treatment rooms in between clients, skin and hair tone and conditions knowledge and identification.

We take our time to get newly hired Estheticians up to our company's high standard of quality. Even if they have years of experience in the beauty industry before they come to us they need to go through several weeks of training. There is also further training sessions and review of our staff's work every three months. 

Our goal is to have a great team of not only experienced and professional technicians but also that they know how to cater to different needs and concerns our clients might have. We want you to walk in our store and feel immediately at ease, greeted with joy and treated respectfully at all times. 


We guarantee that you will be in good hands