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The Power and Gentleness of Laser Hair Removal with Cryogen

Cryogen and Laser Hair Removal

At some point, you may want to undergo a professional hair removal process. Shaving, waxing, and tweezing can only go so far in effectiveness and esthetic appeal. Areas of hair removal might vary for the individual. "I want to wear my bikini this summer, I want a clean shave, I hate the pigment on my armpits that saving causes, or I want to remove the hair growing on my legs, " our intentions vary. Depending on the procedure, we all have different sensitivities and experiences.

Everyone's fear of hair removal is based on what they hear or read: redness, pain, or other side effects. Laser hair removal and Cryogen might be your way out of these worries; why? Did you know that Cryogen hair removal delivers a cooling effect on the skin? This makes the procedure much more comfortable and convenient. Read more about this enhanced procedure and why you might need to try it out if you are considering a laser hair removal procedure.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that aims to remove hair by using concentrated light absorbed by the follicle on the hair. Once absorbed, it changes into heat and impairs the hair follicle, where it grows. The procedure is a long-term hair removal method. It is, however, essential to note that to get the best results out of the procedure, you are required to go for the laser treatment with 6 to 12 sessions spread out over 4 to 6 weeks. A medical practitioner will take you through what you should prepare for on your first appointment to receive the best experience and outcome from the treatments. Are you worried about the time taken for it? The procedure takes five minutes to forty minutes, depending on the hair growth region.

It is vital that you do not undergo any hair removal procedure besides shaving for around two weeks prior to your laser hair removal therapy to get the best results. If you use a waxing product, discontinue its use. This is because waxing removes the hair's root, the main target during the procedure. In addition, plan to avoid sun exposure during this time.


Use of Cryogen in laser hair removal.

Using Cryogen has dramatically enhanced the process to ensure a comfortable laser hair removal experience. Cryogen is a non-toxic, non-flammable and safe option for the procedure. The liquid evaporates from the skin, reducing the skin's temperature and causing a cooling effect. It is important to note that this effect is on the epidermis and does not interfere with the temperature of the targeted dermal structure. Why is this important? The region where the hair follicle has been removed is very fragile. Therefore, ensuring the temperature of this region remains unchanged prevents laser thermal injuries. The cooling effect causes skin relaxation and gives the patient a comfortable experience.

What are some benefits of laser hair removal?

The laser hair removal procedure's benefits include a long-term solution to hair growth with no side effects besides temporary mild irritation. With the introduction of Cryogen, the chances of any side effects are lowered. This is because of the soothing effect of the liquid. Because the procedure takes a maximum of forty minutes, it can be done in-office as an outpatient procedure. This allows you to walk in and have the treatment and then go about your daily business without anyone knowing.


Cryogen is a highly recommended laser hair removal addition. When you look at the cost versus benefits ratio, Cryogen comes out on top. Also, the therapeutic outcomes are more effective than the cool air-only option. At Satori Laser, we have decided to use Cryogen as our cooling system for our treatments. The temperature of Cryogen allows us to give our clients a more comfortable service and to increase our laser's energy to ensure our treatment's effectiveness. Call us today and our expert specialists will take you through what to expect and ensure you have all the information before you come for your therapy.