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Laser Hair Removal, the solution to ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are painful and inconvenient. They form when the end of a hair becomes trapped under the skin in the follicle. The causes are many and sometimes they are difficult to treat and prevent. Persons with very curly hair can be prone to them. They can also result from tight clothing, shaving mishaps, and even tweezing. Those with certain skin types, like large pores, will also tend to get them more than others.


Laser Hair Removal: The Best Treatment for Ingrown Hair

There are a number of treatments for ingrown hair, but only laser hair removal can do the job safely, reliably, and in a way that lasts. Most over-the-counter treatments for ingrown hair involve chemicals meant to soften the skin and release the hair or dissolve the hair. Others rely on exfoliation as a way to eliminate the layer of skin under which the hair becomes trapped.

 As you can imagine, these types of treatments can cause irritation and even injury. With treatments that attempt to dissolve the hair, the chemicals used can be quite toxic. Tweezing can offer some temporary relief, but it can only address a single hair at a time. This is especially unhelpful when ingrown hairs come in patches, and they often do.

Where possible, the best way to deal with ingrown hairs is to eliminate habits that make them more likely to occur. These include wearing tight clothing and poor shaving techniques. But of course, some people have a natural tendency to get ingrown hair due to hair and skin types that can't be changed. Some people have to wear tight clothing or use certain shaving practices for professional reasons. Athletes also tend to need to perform self-care in ways that make ingrown hairs more likely.

For those with persistent ingrown hair problems, the best solution is laser hair removal.


The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Regardless of the cause of ingrown hair, the best solution is laser hair removal. It is the most cost-effective means of treating ingrown hair, but that is just the beginning of the benefits.


100% Effective

You can expect to achieve 95% hair loss in the treated areas within 8 to 12 treatments. Results will vary depending on the robustness of the follicles and the individual hairs, as well as the thickness of the hair in the areas treated. In most cases, it will not take more than twelve treatments to completely solve the ingrown hair condition permanently.


Greater Precision

With spray-on treatments, oils, and similar solutions, the substance needs to make contact with the hair and follicles for a prolonged period of time. During this time, the skin between hairs will also be subjected to caustic substances. With laser treatment, the laser is tuned to a frequency that has less of an effect on the skin and more of an effect on the hair itself.


Faster Results

After a single treatment, you will experience smoother skin and reduced irritation from ingrown hairs, just like after a fresh shave. Subsequent treatments may be needed for lasting hair loss, but the immediate result will be worthwhile.


No Apparent Growth Needed

With many treatments for ingrown hairs, you have to wait until the hair emerges before you can attack it. This means waiting while irritation and possible infection persist. With laser treatment, no waiting is necessary. You can attack the source of ingrown hairs with no delay.


Cost Effective

At the end of the day, you can save time and money by opting for the one treatment that is proven safe and effective, laser hair removal.


We understand that it's tempting to try to save money with harsh, over-the-counter solutions. But in the final analysis, laser hair removal works better, is effective, and will give you permanent relief from the pain and discomfort of ingrown hairs. To learn more about the many benefits of laser hair removal, get in touch today. Our team of skin care experts is ready to answer your questions.