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Interview with Satori Laser Manager Crystal Cortes

1 How long have you worked at Satori Laser
5 1/2 years.

2 What did you do before this?
I worked in retail—shoes and clothing stores.

3 Why did you want to work at Satori Laser?
I wanted something stable, comfortable and with a good salary.

4 How’d you get your start at Satori?
I had a friend who used to work here and she raved about the company.

5 What’s your favorite part about working at Satori?
Freedom and the team. My favorite part is my boss! She is amazing! Everyone is understanding and gives you the space to work. They recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses. They help you build the ones that are weak.

6 How do you think laser hair removal helps people?
It is life changing—Especially for women. They face challenges that someone who's not in this field wouldn’t know about—the women that have facial hair. I’ve had clients cry because of how life changing the laser was for them.

7 What's your favorite feedback from a client? Tell us your experience
Clients will say that they love the staff. That we are welcoming, understanding and flexible. We’ve had clients bring us gifts just to thank us for always being there.

8 What was a time you felt most proud while working at Satori?
Receiving compliments from my team. Getting feedback from team members makes me feel good about myself and as a person.

9 What would you tell new clients who've never done laser before?
It’s life changing! I’ll talk about how I have no unwanted hair anymore after getting laser hair removal.

10 What does Satori Laser mean for your career?
The way Satori is growing and the time that I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot of growth. I could see myself continuing. I want to see how I helped them get to the top.

11 What is it like being a Manager at Satori Laser?
There is some stress. But, it’s very fun and you receive a lot of respect.