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How Many Treatments to Get Permanent Results with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a process of hair reduction, the amazing fact about it is that it only takes one session to get permanent results.

How is that possible? 

Because of how hair cycles work, we know that up to 20% of the total hairs you have in an area are actively growing on a day, those 20% of hairs are on the Anagen stage of hair growth. That percentage will be permanently reduced since your first treatment! 

The goal is getting 95% hair reduction for most people with dark hair. In order to get to that point, you will need to continue having treatments several times until all of your hair cycles have been permanently reduced by the Laser. The number of treatments you will need to get your desired results will depend on many factors, but the main ones are if the area is a hormonally affected growth part of the body or not, how consistent you are with your treatments and wether you protect the skin from sun or not. For example for most hormonal areas a minimum of nine sessions are needed and sometimes up to fifteen will be necessary. For non hormonal areas like underarms the minimum is six sessions and the maximum can be up to twelve treatments. 

It is really amazing how you will notice a difference in thickness and amount of hair with only one treatment. The technology being used at Satori Laser and how experienced the staff is makes this possible.

Patience is key to have a successful experience with Laser Hair Removal, this is a journey you will never regret taking.