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Do You Still Shave After Laser Hair Removal?

    The short answer to this questions is; only if you want to. Laser Hair Removal is a process of hair reduction, in amount and in thickness. You will notice less hair since your first treatment, however it takes several treatments to get to that desired point when you do not see hair growth for months or years. 

    Shaving is also part of the protocols you follow to prepare for your Laser Hair Removal treatment, you will need to shave the area you are treating the night before your visit every time. You need to see hair growth in order to shave it and have a successful laser hair removal treatment. You are free to shave as many times as you feel like it during this process. 

   A few days after your treatment you will notice hair growing on the area you had treated, this is mostly the hair that was burned by the laser and needs to come out to then fall off by itself in a period of two or three weeks after being treated. This is called the "shedding process" and is only after it is finished that you get to enjoy the results from your Laser Hair Removal treatment. 

   The more sessions you have, the less hair you grow and also the slower it grows. Patience and consistency are key to get the results we guarantee you. Shaving will slowly become a thing of the past! 

   If you hate shaving because it causes a great deal of irritation on your skin, Laser Hair Removal is the answer for you. Our goal is to get you to the point of not needing to shave anymore and we use the newest technology and best techniques for it. Satori Laser with its 13 years of experience is the place for you!