Forehead (F)


Forehead laser hair removal for female.

The forehead covers the area between the temples across the brow, including the hairline. Sessions take about 10 minutes to complete. The treatment feels like a rubber band slapping the skin followed by a cooling sensation.

All areas of the body need a minimum of six sessions to start. The forehead generally needs 6 to 12 sessions to see 75% to 95% hair reduction.  Depending on your heritage you may need additional sessions. Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart until the hair growth cycle begins to slow. Depending on each individual’s progress, sessions become spaced 5 to 7 weeks apart. Clients who receive treatment to this area should remove all beauty products prior to their appointment. Please avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, bleaching creams and depilatory creams. Sun exposure and antibiotic use should also be avoided for 2 weeks before treatment.

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