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Skin Care Secrets By a Dermatologist

Your skin is the largest organ in the body

On an adult, the skin has an average surface of 22 square feet — or about the same space covered by a roll of wallpaper. It weighs eight pounds — give or take a pound or so. Water proof and stain-resistant, skin keeps fluid like a blood and water inside your body while protecting you from disease causing pathogens and guarding your internal organs, bones muscle and nerves. That makes skin care very important for us.

Your skin is more than just the body’s natural wetsuit.

skin care

It contains a complex network of cells, never endings, blood vessels, sweat glands and oil glands. And they all perform a multitude of tasks key to your well-being.

For instance, the nerve ending in your skin recognize important sensations, including touch, pressure, and pain. They sense whether you’re hot or cold — and help regulate your temperature by sending signals to your blood vessels and sweat glands.  The skin makes steroids and hormones — and white blood cells that battle disease-causing bacteria and trigger immune system reactions within your body.

Why skin care is the most important job of a dermatologist.

Because there’s a lot more to your skin than meets the eyes.

Over the past several years, medical science has made significant progress in how we care for and maintain the health of our skin. Cosmetic procedures such as those that eliminate wrinkles, address unattractive veins, restore youthful appearances, or assist in contouring one’s shape take place in dermatology offices every day.

As a result of our understanding of factors that affect the health of our skin, we can better treat conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and skin cancer.

This article was written to educate you on how to effectively and safely do for your skin care.

It was also written to help you make a more intelligent and informed decision when considering specific skin treatment options.

As cosmetic dermatology office, we have had the privilege to help thousands of individuals improve the condition of their skin. Using a combination of careful assessment, realistic goals, and state-of-the-art technology. Our patients have enjoyed healthier, more vibrant skin, as well as greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

After reading this article about the skin care. Our hope is that you find it helpful in answering some of your questions regarding your particular conditions. Of course, should you have specific questions, you can come for a free consultation with our certified technicians.

In the meantime, all good health to you and we do hope our paths cross soon.

Enjoy the article!