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Factors Affect Skin

Understanding Factors Affect Skin

There are many internal and external factors affect skin, look, and viability of the skin. Among some of the internal factors, genetics, aging, stress, improper nutrition, dehydration. As well as various medical conditions can all affect the appearance and function of the skin.

Examples of external factors affecting the skin include the sun/UV ray exposure, harsh weather conditions, poor maintenance, misuse of products, and smoking.

Factors affect skin

The ill effects of these detrimental factors can be counteracted by implementing healthy skin habits into your everyday life.

Some of these practices include basic rules for healthy living. Such as avoiding smoking, implementing healthy nutritional guidelines into your daily routine, drinking plenty of water, and better stress coping techniques.

Therefore, additional skin maintenance principles include a proper at-home skin care regimen and protection from harmful UV rays.

Finally, implementing the appropriate aesthetic treatments that can reverse the signs of aging. Which caused by repetitive facial movements, the loss of collagen and elastin, and the slowing cell regeneration.