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Unexpected Hair Growth Problems That Influence Smooth Skin

While most people have hair in typical areas, some also grow hair in less common areas as well. If you are one of the unlucky ones and see hair growth in some unexpected places, you know how embarrassing and annoying it is. You shave or wax it constantly but it never goes away, and you’d be simply mortified if anyone found out about it. The truth is, you are not alone: a lot of women deal with excess hair in places other than the underarms, bikini area, and legs. Although they are probably too embarrassed to admit it, we all have hair we’d rather not have; it’s just a fact of life.


The good news is that there is a simple way to handle it: laser hair removal. You may have struggled with the hair growth in these areas because you simply don’t know whether laser hair removal could be used on them; however, it turns out you can get hair zapped away on any area of the body other than the eyebrows. If you experience unwanted hair in any of the areas about to be named, don’t hesitate to book your free consultation now.


Feet: Flip flop season is coming up–have you dealt with your toe/foot hair yet? Think about it: your toes will be on display all summer long, and while you probably have gotten the perfect pedicure, it’s likely you’ve overlooked the stray hairs congregating on your feet. It’s embarrassing and not so pretty, right? Why invest all the money into cute wedges and sandals when you’ll probably be too embarrassed to wear them? Fortunately for you, laser hair removal is the perfect solution: just a few sessions will get rid of the hair pretty quickly, as the hair that grows on our feet is usually thin and sparse, to begin with. You’ll never have to deal with hobbit feet again!


Chin: Hair on the chin can be humiliating and persistent. It’s difficult to deal with hair growth in this area, as it is generally related to hormones or thyroid issues, and shaving can sometimes only make the hair thicker and darker. Hair in the chin area is especially bothersome because it is quite visible and difficult to conceal. That’s why laser hair removal is so essential for women who suffer from hair in this area because it will permanently eradicate the hair, making it thinner and lighter as the sessions go on. You won’t see such results with shaving or waxing.


Areolas: Yet another mortifying area that is prone to hair growth on some women are the areolas. While many women experience hair growth here following pregnancy, menopause, or even puberty, it is nevertheless unwelcome. Although the skin on the breasts and nipples is quite sensitive and has made laser hair removal a no-go in the past, the present technology is gentle enough to use for the areolas. This is awesome news for women who experience excess hair on their areolas.


Happy Trail: The happy trail describes the path of hair that leads to your bikini area, usually extending from your belly button to “down there.” This is an especially annoying area because it thwarts a girl’s ability to rock a bikini or crop top without feeling self-conscious. Plus, if you have dark hair and light skin, the happy trail is very noticeable. It’s difficult to deal with happy trail hair for the summer when your belly is going to be exposed quite often. Don’t limit yourself to a tankini just because of your happy trail! Laser hair removal is, of course, the best way to deal with it.


The small inconvenience that hair in these areas present truly affects our confidence and the way we carry ourselves. While it may not seem like a big deal, if you are worried about people seeing the excess hair on your chin, it can sometimes be hard to sit back and enjoy life. It’s especially critical to deal with hair in these areas now that it’s summer, and more parts of your body will be exposed. Don’t hesitate to look and feel beautiful–get laser hair removal and love your new Satori Smooth Skin.