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The Best Bikini Destinations

You’ve spent countless hours at the gym, drank about a million green smoothies, got a fresh pedicure, and invested in beautiful Satori Smooth Skin; these can only mean one thing: Summer is here. What is all this preparation for? Vacation, of course. Still wondering whether you should take a cross-country road trip, explore a foreign city, or head to an exotic, tropical destination? Well, the last option sounds pretty nice, and we have some recommendations. The common denominator? They all require a brand new bikini and Satori Smooth Skin.


Punta Cana, DR: Punta Cana is without a doubt a place to vacation this Summer. Kick back below the palm trees and clear skies with a fruity drink and you’ll contemplate never leaving the sandy shores. Aside from the immaculate beaches, Punta Cana also boasts some of the best golf resorts in the world if you’re ready to hit the links. For the more adventurous, zip lining through the trees is an exhilarating activity that will get your adrenaline pumping.  The other thing you could do is to go scuba diving, from which you can see crystal clear waters and hang out with the marine life. Whatever you do, Punta Cana is the perfect place to flaunt that Satori Smooth Skin.


Maui, Hawaii, USA: Who doesn’t want to jet off to Hawaii? Maui is a must go destination for those heading to the Islands for some rest and relaxation. The golden sands and turquoise water will truly restore the most burnt-out workaholic. Gawk at the towering waterfalls, the craters, and the gorgeous mountains sprinkled throughout Maui. Get a feel for the local culture by attending a Luau, grubbing on some authentic Hawaiian food and shaking your hips with the hula dancers. It will truly be a lifetime experience.


Miami, Florida: Miami is by far the best beach city on earth. It not only offers pristine beaches but also have a wealth of activities and a thriving nightlife, combining the beauty of an exotic tropical locale with a bustling city. When you’re done being a beach bum served by sexy cabana boys, go jet skiing, enjoy luxury shopping, or check out the city’s gorgeous Art Deco architecture. At night, take advantage of the vibrant Miami nightlife and the delicious, authentic Cuban cuisine.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: If you’re looking to party on your tropical getaway, Cabo is an ideal choice. For both jet-setters and spring breakers alike, Cabo is the place to go when vacationers are seeking a good time. Adopt the YOLO mentality here before you swim with dolphins, surf the incredible waves, or hop on a wild party cruise. Wind down with a dip in the hot springs or a lazy day at one of the many the incredibly beautiful beaches Cabo has to offer. Whether you choose to party hard or take it slow (or a little bit of both), Cabo has it all.


Phuket, Thailand: If you truly want an exotic, unique experience this summer, Phuket is the perfect place for you. Phuket offers a series of watersports and deep diving opportunities, in addition to beautiful white sands and sparkling waters. A sunset will never be quite as beautiful as it is in Phuket–the beautiful hues of red, orange, and blue are truly a sight to behold. Although it will be hard for you to pull yourself away from the ocean, Phuket has a lot to offer outside of their extraordinary beaches. Explore ancient Buddhist temples or get up, close, and personal with tigers at the Tiger Kingdom–definitely a unique experience! Don’t forget to enjoy Thailand’s succulent and savory cuisine, too. Rest assured, as soon as you leave Phuket, you’ll be making plans to go back.


Whatever beach location you choose this summer, smooth skin is your #1 travel essential. If you visit any of these destinations, you will be in your bikini and swim trunks often, so be prepared! The last thing you want to worry about on your dream vacation is remembering to shave. Get that razor out of your travel bag and chuck it in the trash–with Satori Smooth Skin, you won’t need it anymore!