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Things to Avoid Before Laser Hair Removal Treatments

While laser hair removal is the most powerful hair removal method out there, there are certain factors that can delay or offset the process if not carefully avoided. While it’s certainly less expensive and painful than waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is still an investment in both time and money–two things no one likes to waste. Adhering to a few simple rules will ensure that the above situation won’t happen and that your skin will be Satori Smooth for good. Just avoid the things listed below and your laser hair removal experience will be seamless.


Sun: Avoid the sun at all costs during laser hair removal treatments. We’ve said this a million times, but it’s too important not to repeat another million times. Inevitably, when one spends time in the sun, their skin will either tan or burn. This is dangerous because the laser could potentially burn tanned skin, therefore you must be careful to avoid sun exposure on the treated area. Wearing a high SPF helps, however, your safest bet is to shield yourself from the sun’s powerful rays with a hat or protective clothing.


Tanning Beds, Sprays, and Creams: Some people make the mistake of assuming fake tan is cool to use the laser on, however, they are mistaken and often sent home from treatments. No matter how the tan got there, it’s a no-go for laser hair removal, because it increases the chance of burns. While it may be painful to stay pale (especially in summer), it will be a worthwhile sacrifice in the end, once you have your Satori Smooth Skin. We recommend starting laser hair removal in the fall and winter months so you’ll be good to go for summer.


Waxing: You’ll be happy to know you can cancel your waxing appointments in the treated area, not only because laser hair removal will make sure that hair never grows back–it will also interfere with the laser’s ability to target the hair follicle. Because laser hair removal must attack hair during all three stages of growth, removing hair at the root will interrupt this process. Also, the lasers will target the melanin in the hair, and if it’s been removed, the treatment will not be nearly as effective.

The same principle applies to tweezing and depilatory creams. All of these hair removal methods extract hair from the root, making it harder for the laser to do its job. We understand that it’s hard to let the hair grow during the first few sessions of laser hair removal, however, you can still shave. Shaving only removes hair at the surface of the skin and won’t affect the follicle.


Hair Bleach will also tamper with laser hair removal’s ability to remove excess hair. You likely already know that laser hair removal cannot be performed on gray, blonde, or red hair because the pigment is not dark enough for the laser to identify. Therefore, bleaching your hair will make it impossible for the lasers to work, thus your skin will be more prone to burns. If you bleach your excess hair in between sessions, your laser technician will not be able to conduct the session.


In short, shaving is the only way to keep your hair at bay in between laser hair removal sessions, and the sun, all tanning products, and hair bleach should be avoided. We get that it’s annoying to have to worry about sun exposure more than usual, however, it’s essential to your safety that you don’t get a tan during your laser hair removal journey. Avoiding the mentioned things will ensure that you attain Satori Smooth Skin sooner and safer.