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How Lasers/Skin Rejuvenation Fight Acne And Help A Smoother Skin

We all know that lasers are great at getting rid of hair, yet people know a lot less about just how amazing they are at eradicating acne, too. Most doctors recommend dangerous pills or harsh creams and cleansers to fight acne when in reality these “remedies” either cause other issues or severely dry out the skin. If you suffer from acne, you’ve probably tried these things and much more to get rid of it. But have you considered laser skin rejuvenation? Because it’s most likely the solution to your skin issues.


It may sound scary, but it’s far less frightening than acne medications and prescription creams.  How does it work? Satori uses an eTwo laser, which targets the bacteria that causes acne and significantly reduces its presence on the skin. Since the bacteria causing the acne is being eradicated, the acne will eventually disappear. Even after one session, people see a major difference in acne and redness. Also, the eTwo machine helps reveal a new layer of skin, which boosts the levels of elastin and collagen in the skin. This combats wrinkles and fine lines, pockmarks, and acne scarring as well.


The eTwo machine utilizes a combination of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energies to restructure the deep dermal layer of the skin. This is what helps reveal the smooth skin underneath the surface. Unfortunately, part of the reason why acne is so hard to get rid of is that it is often deeply rooted in below the skin. However, lasers have the ability to penetrate far more layers of skin than a traditional acne remedy would.


To see lasting results, one must undergo about three to six sessions. This ensures that the bacteria causing acne is wiped out as much as possible. Plus, sessions only last about twenty to forty minutes and require no downtime. It’s a fairly standard procedure yet it will be a bit painful, but likely nothing too severe. Initially, there may be some redness, but that will dissipate in about 24 hours following the treatment.


If the idea of a laser zapping your acne away scares you, it really shouldn’t. Sure, it’s a newer, not as well known solution, but it has been proven to work. The difference in our clients’ skin after just one session is significant and should be enough to convince anyone. After all, you’ve already tried everything–lasers could just be the miracle you’ve been searching for.

Acne, scarring, and pockmarks are difficult to treat yet, unfortunately, obvious–no matter how much makeup you use to cover them, they’re still there. Lasers are far more benign than medications and have very little if any side effects–aside from perfect, smooth skin. You shouldn’t have to cover up with concealer or feel insecure about the way you look. Acne is a problem, but problems can be solved–thanks to Satori Laser.