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Beach Cover-Ups that are Hiding in Your Closet

For breezy beach days, a bathing suit cover-up is essential. In the morning and at night, the ocean can get pretty cold, and a cover up is a good way to protect your skill from the wind and elements. There is a lot of variety when it comes to cover-ups, as they come in all shapes and sizes, prints and materials. However, if you’re in need of a good cover-up, you may already have one waiting for you in your closet. Just do a little digging and perhaps you’ll save yourself some money.


Believe it or not, a lot of fashion chains will repackage the average summer dress and sell it as a cover up so that consumers will buy more of what they already have. Just take a look in Victoria’s Secret or Macy’s and you’ll notice that a lot of the cover-ups for sale look a lot like the average dress. That’s bad news if you’ve already invested in a cover-up for the season, but if you’re still on the hunt, just shop your own closet! That old summer dress you wore to your cousin’s graduation three years ago? A great candidate for a cover-up–it’s breezy and has a summery color and print. It’s a shame you only wore it once but now is your chance to wear it all summer long over your bikini. It’s not a waste after all!


Another great option is a romper. They’re cute and easy to put on and take off for a day of swimming and tanning. Quite a few beach cover-ups sold at big stores for a lot of money are rompers, but stores like H&M sell cheap, comfy rompers for a fraction of the cost. Even better if you already have an old romper lying around; they are casual and playful enough to bring to the beach.


Remember when ponchos were really in fashion? Yeah, seems like a long time ago, but the truth is, at the beach, ponchos never go out of style. A  thorough excavation of any early to mid 20’s female’s closet will unearth a poncho. If it’s not embarrassing to wear in public, then why not use it as a coverup? Plenty of stores are selling ponchos for the beach, but you likely already have one that you hardly wore back in middle school. If you’re going for a California hippy vibe for your beach style, a poncho is a perfect choice.


If you prefer a more casual or sporty look, try raiding your dad or boyfriend’s unwanted t-shirts and sports jerseys. You might find some great Hawaiian shirts that your dad only wears when he goes on vacation, or find a cool Laker’s jersey your boyfriend breaks out once a year for the big game. Either of these options will suffice as a cute beach cover-up for the sporty gal who stays true to her tomboy roots. What’s also great about this style, as well as a few of the other’s mentioned, is that you could easily pair these options with some ripped jeans and go out for the night after the day of swimming is done.


An old sweatshirt is also a cool option for the casual girl if you’re going to the beach to watch the sunrise or sunset. It will be a lot chillier at both of these times, so a sweatshirt will keep you warmer more than any of the other options. This is something every girl has in her closet but probably hasn’t worn since college (or the winter), yet it’s a critical piece for a beach vacation. Sweatshirts are perfect for the Boardwalk, as they will keep you warm for a long night spent playing carnival games and riding roller coasters.


These cover-up options are basically free, represent several long-forgotten wardrobe staples that can be of use again, and will accommodate most doctrines of personal style for the 20-something beach bum. So why blow $40 or $50 bucks on clever marketing? Every girl has a beach cover-up buried somewhere in her closet, so make use of it. Just keep in mind: even when you’re rocking a cover-up, your legs will still be exposed. So will your armpits. Is your skin smooth enough to handle that? Remember: no hair will go unnoticed, especially when the wind blows, you get goosebumps, and your body hair raises a bit. No one wants a prickly skin for beach season–it’s time to get Satori Smooth Skin.