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Why Does Satori Laser Recommend 4 Weeks Between Sessions?

This time is not chosen arbitrarily and is recommended for optimal results as well as for safety reasons. Humans have growth phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen. Since hair removal is most effective only during the anagen phase, it’s necessary to have several sessions of removal for it to reach the anagen phase. Additionally, in that time, there will be more melanin which then makes the laser removal process a bit easier.

It is important to know the three main phases of the hair growth cycle in order to understand why several treatments are required.

hair chart

  • The Anagen phase, also known as the growing phase, is the active growth phase of hair follicles. It is the phase during which laser hair removal treatment is most effective. During Anagen phase, the hair follicle is directly connected to the blood vessels and the hair bulb produces your hair pigment. The laser targets the melanin of the hair and cuts off the blood supply to hairs resulting in no more hair growth.
  • The Catagen phase, also known as the transitional phase, is when hair follicles control the hair strand and hair growth stops. The hair is not visible and capable of absorbing the laser light and therefore its difficult for permanence to be achieved.
  • The Telogen phase, also known as the resting phase, is when hair detaches from the blood supply and it is preparing to fall out. The hair bulb stops producing the color pigment. The hair is not visible and capable of absorbing the laser light and therefore cannot be destroyed.

Our hair is in Anagen phase only 1/3 of the time. 3/4 of the time it is in Telogen and Catagen phase. This is the reason why several treatments are required to catch all of the hairs when they are in the anagen phase.

That’s why there’s no need to react over hair growing back for that is normal while in between sessions! Just trust Satori Laser and you’ll see good results if you can practice patience.