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Preparing For Laser Hair Removal

preparing for laser hair removal

Avoid tanning

If you do tan, we won’t be able to determine your actual skin color and you’ll end up getting hurt.

Do not apply cosmetics or lotion

If you already did, remove them prior to the treatment. We don’t want that to get in the way of the treatment!

Make sure not to wax or pluck the area at least 3 weeks prior to the treatment

This will get rid of your hair follicles temporarily, in which the laser would not be able to destroy them.

Shave the area before coming

Doing so will make the process less painful and also the treatment would go more smoothly

Wear loose clothing or clothing that exposes the area

At Satori Laser, we will apply aloe vera on you after the treatment, so if you mind that touching your clothing, then we suggest that you wear looser clothing.


This will make the treatment more effective by getting rid of dead skin cells. 


We’ll take care of everything so just follow these tips and look forward to your session!

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