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Laser Hair Removal Tips 2

laser hair removal tips

If you are interested in proceeding with laser hair removal you should first contact your local provider and ask them questions so you can make an informed decision.

  •  Ask who will be servicing you. Is it a technician and are they certified? Make sure to ask what training they have had with hair removal techniques and using lasers. Then follow-up with asking how long they have been using the machine that will be used to remove your hair. Lasers can cause scarring if used improperly – make sure to have someone who is trained and familiar with the specific machine that will be used on you.
  •  When speaking to the laser technician ask them what specific kind of laser will be used on your skin. Make sure to find out who the manufacturer is and how many years the machine has been in use at this location. What settings they will use on the machine. You definitely don’t want too strong light energy as this may cause scarring.
  •  Before you have a full treatment first ask that they use the laser on a small test patch of your skin before having a full treatment. Do not be impulsive and try a full treatment on your first visit. It is best to determine how your skin color and your hair reacts to the laser remover. It is possible you could have a very bad and painful reaction to this treatment.
  •  Request the prices for the test patch, full treatment and if needed follow-up appointments. They should be upfront about the costs. You should not be surprised by a low introductory offer and then a very high follow-up price.
  • Generally, hair removal is a painless or low pain treatment. But sometimes it can be discomforting. You should find out how they will deal with this potential discomfort. If they dismiss your concerns you should dismiss them. Any professional understands that this process can cause discomfort and they should be prepared to offer comfort. If they guarantee that it is always a painless procedure they are inexperienced or they are lying.
  •  Ask them what success rate their patients have with laser hair removal. Generally, it is 60-80% and it may require several treatments. If they quote you a higher rate they are probably exaggerating and if it is too low then they are probably not properly using the equipment.
  •  Look the business up in your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is a good way to find out if any unhappy patients have filed complaints against them.
  •  Here are some common manufacturers of laser hair remover machines. Altus Medical provides the CoolGlide machine which uses the Nd: YAG process. Candela offers the GentleLASE machine which uses the Alexandrite laser treatment. Lumenis manufactures the Lumenis LightSheer Laser Hair Removal System which is a diode process. Hoya ConBio offers the Medlite Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser series. Another Nd: YAG machine is the Varia produced by CoolTouch. New Laser Science sells the Dualis XP which utilizes the Nd: YAG laser remover process.