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Common Hair Removal Myths

  • Myth #1 It is very hard to remove excess body hair

As people grow they will find they have more excess hair than they were younger. There are many ways for women and men to have this excess hair removed. Laser hair removal has very little pain and can target a large area like the back or the full length of your legs. Also, laser hair removal can deliver very long lasting effects. Laser hair removing is well suited for men since it does not require any daily maintenance like shaving the hair.

laser hair removal myth

  • Myth #2 Anyone can remove your hair with a laser, it’s easy

Lasers can cause permanent scarring. It is easy to make a mistake. Make sure your technician is a trained professional. An inexperienced person can use the wrong settings which will permanently scar you and cause you a great deal of pain. As always remember that you get what you pay for so be careful and ask a lot of questions if someone offers you a discount. If you want to remove your hair the proper way, do not look for shortcuts or discounts.

  •  Myth #3 Light is not strong enough to permanently remove hair

Lasers or light energy is very powerful. They can permanently remove hair and even remove the ink pigment of tattoos. Lasers can be adjusted to be too weak to have an impact or be too strong to damage your body. Make sure your professional knows the proper setting to use on your specific body type. Each laser hair removing machine is different so also make sure they are trained and experienced with the machine they will use on your unwanted hair.

  •  Myth #4 Blonde haired people can also benefit from laser hair removal

Generally blond and red haired people do not experience good results from a laser hair remover. This is because the skin color and hair color are normally too close. It is possible to have a positive result but people with lighter hair colors are normally better served with other treatments.