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Laser hair removal deals (4 steps to help you become an expert!)

As smooth and hairless skin is desired by all women and men. Satori laser would like to provide some helpful hints on how to get the best laser hair removal deals, so you can receive a high quality treatment with a big discount. Follow these tips to ensure you achieve optimal results during your treatments.

Website price comparison

Currently it is 2013, and the Internet has connected us more than ever before. We can see our loved ones around the globe without flying to them; we can send a letter without going to a mailbox. Technology is more apparent around us, and yet there is such a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to the laser industry. All of this information is conveniently at our disposal and yet so few people take the time to do the research, and just look for the lowest price instead. Unfortunately, they do not know that this can wind up costing them more money down the road. Alexandrite lasers may only take half the amount of treatments that an IPL or diode will take you.

Pay attention to quality of laser machines

Many consumers only pay attention to how much a laser hair removal treatment will cost. The truth is, there are many different types of lasers and manufacturers on the market today. It is only natural for each laser center to state that theirs is the best and most effective. It is always best to do your own research on laser types, and determine which may be best for you. Most of the lower prices you see online will be for low quality IPL or diode machines, which are not recommended for all 6 skin types. See below for a list of popular laser types and manufacturers. The highest quality lasers are alexandrite (755nm) or yag (1064nm) Even after you have determined which laser is used, pay attention to the quality of detail and knowledge your technician has shown you. Laser machines must be serviced regularly and in good repair, machines and inner lenses must be cleaned and maintained properly. Many centers purchase their equipment from a third party to cut costs, leaving you with a weak laser that may not result in the few treatments you had hoped for. Do not be afraid to ask your technician as many questions as it takes for you to feel comfortable. If they are experienced, they will have heard it all before.

Don’t fall for every group deal

Group deals are abundant on Lifebooker, Living Social and Groupon. They are extremely popular, because they are a great value for consumers. However, not all companies will give you satisfactory results. Small laser centers cannot handle the large influx of group deal clients coming in at one time to redeem their vouchers.  Your session may be rushed, painful, and confusing.  The listed areas may only be for one underarm, forcing you to only get a total of 3 sessions when you believed it should have been 6. The machine type may not even be a laser (IPL) but advertised as such. Even worse, the service can be performed by an inexperienced technician who may burn you and cause hyper-pigmentation. Pay attention to the fine print as well, as many laser centers do not permit you to come at a convenient time for you. Check their cancellation policy also, as many have a 24 hour period and you may lose a session if something should come up. Groupon has even changed their refund terms, not giving you a refund but giving you credit to use with them instead.


This is a very critical part of your treatment. Professional laser centers will bring you a safe and comfortable treatment with incredible results. At Satori Laser, we only use the highest quality lasers on the market. Our equipment consists of the Candela GentleLase and the GentleYag.  Laser centers that provide an alexandrite and yag machine will be able to treat all six skin types, as some centers only have one or the other. Our technicians are highly experienced and have done thousands of procedures, and will be able to treat you with the appropriate wavelength for your skin type.

Laser types

Here is a list of the most popular laser machines on the market today.

IPL- Palomar- manufacturer of StarLux, also Lumi and Phillips are popular. These models are extremely painful, and only work well only very light skin and very dark hair, even then it still may 2x the treatments of an alexandrite.

Diode (600nm)-Alma, who manufactures the Harmony and Soprano models, Lumenis LightSheer is popular also. Diodes are safest for lighter skin types, and can also be used on lighter ethnic skin. Yag is still the safest and most effective for darker skin types 4-6. Overall, diodes are extremely inexpensive to manufacture and purchase (that explains their popularity!) Unfortunately they will never yield the results of an Alexandrite.

Alexandrite(755nm)-Candela GentleLase, GentleMax, LightAge and Cynosure, who manufactures the Apogee, MPX, and the Elite. These are the most expensive and popular laser models in the industry today, and are highly recommended for lighter skin types 1-4.

Yag(1064nm)- Candela GentleYag, Cynosure Affinity, Cutera.  Yag is the ONLY safe laser for skin types 4-6, if you have darker skin. This laser may be safely used on all 6 skin types, but works best on hair that is black. Light brown, or brown hair will have minimal results with this machine.


Part of what makes these machines so unique is the system which is used for epidermal cooling. IPL’s and diodes may use gel, Cynosure and other models may use a separate unit which blows cold air onto the treated area. Cutera uses a chilled tip; Candela exclusively uses cryogen, a cooling gas embedded in the machine to help keep your skin comfortable and safe during your treatment.


Chances are your clinic uses one of these models. Not all lasers are created equal, and it is ultimately up to the individual to seek this information out before starting your first treatment.