Candela Lasers Are Number One for Hair Removal

Hair removal can be such a sensitive issue for some people. There are so many different methods available to the prospective consumer that sometimes it feels easier to just stick to shaving and waxing. But one method that has become increasingly popular is laser hair removal, and of all the laser hair removal technologies, Candela Lasers are second to none.

Listed below are the top seven reasons why Candela Lasers are number one for hair removal:

Superior Technology: Candela Lasers candela lasers machinemake use of GentleYag technology, initially introduced into the market in the early 90’s. The same technology has continued to be used as the benchmark in the industry to the present day.

Security and Efficiency: Candela lasers use a 1064nm wavelength – regarded by a majority of health experts to be the most effective in caring for all types of skin. This particular wavelength has the ability to attain the accurate intensity a physician desires in order to eliminate the follicle underneath the skin.

More Comfortable: When hair removal technology was introduced to the market, it was a rather painful procedure. But thanks to advances in technology, pain is a thing of the past. Candela lasers have developed the Dynamic Cooling Device – DCD. DCD utilizes a coolant referred to as Cryogen that discharges cold air over the skin prior to treatment.

Choice of Spot Dimensions: With Candela lasers, your hair removal professional has a wide range of spot dimension at their disposal. This is due to the great flexibility found in Candela’s GentleYag technology.  The spot dimensions are available in 1millimeter, 3 millimeters, 6 millimeters, 8 millimeters, 10 millimeters, 12 millimeters, 15 millimeters and 18 millimeters.

This choice in spot dimension will enable your physician to remove hair from large areas such as the legs or back, as well as small areas such as the neck or upper lip.

The consistency of Systems: Over the past couple of years, the Candela GentleYag system has slowly become the system of choice in the pre-owned marketplace. The main reason for this trend is consistency. The Candela GentleYag is famous for executing as many as 10 million shots utilized with reduced upkeep.

Simple Serviceability: The gears in Candela Lasers are not prebuilt with proprietary components. As such, the internal components are easily accessible to third-party technicians. Furthermore, the spare parts can be acquired at a reduced price from other dealers.

Reliability in Results: Unlike other laser removal equipment, the Candela system is very reliable in terms of results. The success rate after one session is approximately 40% and this number goes up drastically after the 2nd and 3rd visits. You will never have to visit your hair removal clinic on a routine basis.

Candela has continued to be the benchmark for laser hair removal, perhaps rivaled only by Palomar. The preferred wavelength, DCD machinery, choices of spots dimensions, reliability in results as well as the ease of servicing makes Candela laser hair removal a must-have for any physician. Check out the different Candela Laser Machines at Satori Laser

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