Alexandrite Laser Hair removal

This laser is the fastest of all the laser types. It is good for treating larger body areas among patients who are of light-to-olive complexion. It is one of the most widely used hairs removal lasers.

mini gentleLase

Which is Fitzpatrick Skin Type the Alexandrite laser suitable for?

  • This laser is suitable for light skin tones. It is ideal for those with skin type I.

What are the advantages of Alexandrite laser hair removal?

  • It has a very good skin penetration rate
  • It is known to be effective in finer, thinner hairs that other lasers are not effective with.
  • It is very effective for white skin tones.

What are the side effects of Alexandrite laser hair removal?

  • It may cause pigment changes (darkening or lightening) of the skin.
  • It is not that suitable for darker skin tones.

What are the different types of Alexandrite Laser Devices available?

  • The popular alexandrite laser devices available in the markets are: Apogee, GentleLASE, and EpiTouch Plus.



Alexandrite lasers can be the fastest laser hair removal systems. But they are usually not recommended for any skin tone other than a very light skin tone.

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