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5 Facial Hair Removal Tips

facial laser hair removal

For women everywhere, the presence of facial hair can be a huge embarrassment. The desire for facial hair removal is so strong that women try almost any means that promises an end to this masculine feature. The following tips are meant to educate women about the safest and most effective means of removing unsightly facial hair.


Depilatory Cream

There are several ways to remove facial hair for women such as waxing, using a depilatory cream or bleaching. The easiest, least painful and most cost effective method is to use a depilatory cream. This solution works by changing the chemical makeup of the hair at the skin line, making it easy to wipe away. Although this is effective, it is not long lasting. It usually needs to be repeated every three to five days. When choosing this option to only use a cream be sure that it is formulated for the face. Creams that are to be used in other parts of the body may cause irritation to the face.



Another temporary, but rather effective form of facial hair removal is waxing. Waxing consists of applying hot wax to the area where hair is to be removed. Then the wax is pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking the hair along with it. This method of hair removal is expected to last four to six weeks for most people. One point of interest, when hair is removed via waxing, it tends to grow back lighter and finer than before. Be very careful when waxing as the wax can be hot enough to scald the skin.



Sugaring is becoming a popular alternative to waxing, which can cause redness and bumps on the skin. This method involves placing a syrup ball, made of sugar, water, and lemon juice, onto the skin and then quickly stripping it back off. The stripping motion removes the hair by the root. Sugaring is also a good alternative for anyone who has had burned skin due to wax that was applied while it was too hot.



There are some women who do not like the idea of actually removing the hair from the face, the reasons for this fear are varied. It could be that they had a previously bad experience, or have very sensitive faces. Whatever the reason, these women prefers bleaching. Bleaching is not an actual facial hair removal method. It just makes the facial hair harder to see. It is an easy and quick procedure that lasts approximately three weeks.



Shaving is never recommended for facial hair removal in women, because it needs to be done on a daily basis and causes the hair to grow back darker and coarser than before. While all of the other methods listed are equally acceptable for both men and women, shaving should only be attempted by a man.


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