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Separating Laser Hair Removal Facts From Fiction

There are many misconceptions about laser hair removal. This can be attributed to the fact that such a treatment is a relatively new technology that people have yet to acclimatize to. Also, its predecessor, electrolysis, or the removal of hair by separating chemical compounds through a surge of electricity, has been known to be rather painful for some people.

Such misguided notions are quite detrimental to public acceptance of the treatment. This is quite unfortunate considering the many benefits that can be enjoyed with this new process of removing unwanted and unsightly hair. Perhaps, a study on the false myths about the process is in order. We should be able to separate laser hair removal facts from fiction so that we would have a better appreciation for the former.

For starters, one of the laser hair removal facts that should be made known is that the treatment is a permanent cure for undesirable hair. It’s like cutting off the problem from its roots, as the treatment deals with unsightly and unwanted hair at its follicles. Once the follicles are burned by the laser, they won’t be able to grow hair anymore, and there would be no need for further treatment for the area concerned. This is by no means an instant solution, however. The patient will be asked to return every 4 to 6 weeks after his initial visit. Hair removal would be gradual, and eventually enduring, after 2 to 4 sessions.

Also, another of the laser hair removal facts that should be made known is that the process is painless, relatively speaking that is. There are some cases of negligible burns, especially for patients who are dark-complexioned and possess lighter colored hair. But such are minimal, and the slight pain would be gone after a few days. Patients with sensitive skin might also complain about mild swelling, but such would eventually subside in a matter of a few hours.

Lastly, the treatment is not something that can be carried out by just about anyone. Professionals are tasked to handle the laser for hair removal. It is a must that the patient should first research about the clinic offering such services. Are the personnel involved duly certified for the job? Is the clinic possessed of a great history of patient satisfaction? These are the things that due diligence requires, and you have the responsibility to ascertain them before engaging the services of such a clinic.

Laser hair removal may be a relatively novel process, but its benefits are astounding. Cast your fears aside and know the facts, lest you miss out on a wonderful opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.