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The Summer Trend To Show Your Smooth Skin

There’s a lot of exciting things about summer: the beach, the weather, carnivals, pina colada–but perhaps the most exciting thing of all are the clothes. Don’t deny it–you’ve been looking forward to rocking that sundress you scored on clearance in November for months now, and it’s finally time to show off that flawless skin. Here are a few more hot summer trends that will give you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your sexy body:

Crop Tops: Crop tops have been in fashion even in the winter months, and the summer is no exception. Only this time, you can go ahead and flaunt those abs and arms because it’s not freezing anymore! Whether you prefer a simple color or a loud print, paired with high waisted shorts (or regular shorts, depending on how much skin you’re comfortable flaunting), crop tops are sexy and flattering, and will pretty much define your summer style. They are perfect for a laid back style to wear under a bathing suit, or even paired with high-waisted pants or a skirt for a night out. Either way, you will be showing a little bit of skin with this style.


Cut out tops and dresses will also be plentiful this summer, both on the beach, the boardwalk, the club, and everywhere else. Cut-out shirts and dresses will generally bear your shoulders or your hips, but some edgier styles show off the abs too, for the braver among us. Cut-outs are not only a sexy style, they are also perfect for summer because they don’t cover your entire body and provide some ventilation for hot days. A perfect combination, no?

Mesh was also a huge trend on the runway for Spring/Summer. The real world application of this style will be a mesh sweater over a bikini top or tank. It makes for a beachy yet sexy look that is sexy without being too provocative. If you’re especially daring, a mesh crop top over a bikini top will be a bold look for a night out.


On the girlier end of the spectrum, tea length skirts are making serious waves this summer as well. While it’s a more demure than the other trends we’ve covered so far, this style still shows off the lower half off your legs so it doesn’t venture into grandma territory. While it is slightly retro and harkens back to the ‘50’s, tea length skirts have been adapted to the 21st century with modern prints and bold colors. They also go perfectly with a crop top or a mesh sweater, making for an ultra trendy and edgy look for work or brunch.


Speaking of professional yet stylish looks, the classic blue/white button-down shirt has gotten a makeover for summer. Some designers have re-appropriated it into a breezy dress, extending the length just a bit so that your games will be on display. Others have turned it into a crop top which would pair nicely with a tea length skirt for work or cut-off jeans for a chic night out.

Are you sensing a theme here? All of these trends will require the exposure of quite a bit of skin. Are you prepared for that, or are you still waxing and shaving all your unwanted hair? Go for something that lasts so you won’t have to worry about shaving at all–Satori smooth skin. Because smooth skin is the best accessory for any outfit.