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Male Body Hair Removal

male laser hair removal

For women, it’s clear that body hair is unwelcome

however, the jury is still out on whether or not men should hold onto their excess hair. Usually, the court of public opinion renders its judgment on men’s body hair decade by decade; in the ‘70’s, a hairy chest was all the rage, while in the 2000’s, not a single sprout could be spotted. Now, the debate rages on, with some men choosing to wax their chests and other unsightly areas, while some go a natural or trim it from time to time. Satori Laser obviously has a biased opinion on the matter, and we encourage men to rock a bare chest, back, and shoulders with our superior technology–however, we won’t deny that laser hair removal isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, there are some specific areas where we call all agree hair on a guy is not cute.


Even in the era where hairy men were the Adonis ideal, hairy backs were never their shining achievement–that’s because even then, and still now, a hairy back is not sexy. In the constant balance between completely hairless and mountain man, back hair clearly puts a guy over into mountain man territory. Most women agree that back hair is a turn-off, and most men do try to remove it–via waxing–which is a bad move. Not only is it painful, but it is extremely expensive, especially considering you will need to go back every few months. Why make it harder on yourself? Get that pesky back hair lasered off once and for all!

As for the chest

it really depends on your own personal style and what your lady likes. If you have a beard, it may not be a good idea to get rid of all of your chest hair, since it will set you off balance–however, there’s no question that a hairless chest is usually the preferred look for the ladies. Let’s face it–most girls want their own Abercrombie model. And while you may not be modeling outside of a store shirtless, a hairless chest makes for an athletic look that showcases your hard-earned muscles. Just look at Michael Phelps and other all-star athletes–while they may need to shave off that hair for their job, there’s no doubt it looks good too.

Upper arms and shoulders

Like the back, there is no gray area with this one: get rid of that upper arm hair. For most men, the hair in this area comes in a bit patchy, which is perhaps even worse than a full coat of fur–it just looks sloppy and poorly manicured. Plus, upper arm hair is going to obscure your muscular guns, which are your best weapon in attracting the ladies. So don’t think twice about lasering off the hair in this area for good–your guns will thank you for it.

Another problem area for men is their feet. Most men have feet hair–but unless you’re a hobbit dancing around Middle Earth, it’s probably a good idea to get it lasered off too. Plus, with beach season coming up, you probably don’t want to hide your feet in the sand. Shaving and waxing are just a waste of time and money, frankly, so cut to the chase and get it lasered off forever.

At Satori Laser Center, we have affordable packages for six sessions, which should be enough to get rid of the thickest, darkest, most unsightly hair on your body. So whatever hairy spots you think you could do without will be covered, so you too can have Satori smooth skin exactly where you’d like it– without sacrificing your rugged masculinity.