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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

There is a lot of discussion concerning the side effects of laser hair removal. The media claims that it can cause blisters, infections, or permanent scarring, citing rare horror stories to scare the public. This has caused a lot of people to hesitate and refrain from undergoing laser hair removal. Many of Satori’s new clients fear the anticipated danger that they think laser hair removal poses based on the media’s spin on it. However, the truth is that laser hair removal is very safe and only causes minimal and normal side effects. As long as it is done by the right person and right equipment.

Candela Laser

Rest assured, at Satori, we used Candela lasers, which are the best and safest on the market. Not only will they rid you of your unwanted hair, but they also cool the skin as the laser zaps your flaws away. It reduces not only the pain but the side effects as well. Even when the equipment is top of the line, the technician must be highly trained and experienced to handle the machine properly. Satori has you covered on that as well. All of our technicians are certified and trained by Candela. They have been trained with the same machines they utilize on clients. So they are well acquainted with the equipment.


Because of this, none of our clients have ever been burned, scarred, or infected. The extent of their side effects is a little swelling and some redness for about 1-2 days after a treatment. There is no downtime following laser hair removal. While it can be painful for some, many of our clients are pleasantly surprised as to how little discomfort they experience during their treatments. Just make sure that your laser hair removal practitioner holds themselves to the same standards of safety–or just come to Satori Laser.


The majority of the laser hair removal horror stories you’ll hear are the result of unethical business practices on the part of the laser provider. Including faulty equipment or untrained staff. Make sure that you look into reviews and ratings of a laser hair removal provider before you go through with it so you will know you will be safe. We’ve written a post on how to tell if a laser hair removal place is legitimate, which you can read.


There is some responsibility on the part of the client to ensure that they are not harmed by laser hair removal. Make sure that your skin doesn’t tan in between treatments, as tanned skin is prone to burning. This also includes tanning booths and self-tanners. At Satori, if you show up to your appointment with a tan, we will send you home for your own safety. Any establishment that doesn’t do the same is putting your health at risk.

Laser Center

Technological advancements have made laser hair removal safe for all skin tones and have decreased the odds of injury significantly. However, in the wrong hands’ laser hair removal can still do harm, so please be aware of that. At Satori, your safety is guaranteed and certain. Our staff is trained and experienced and our machines are the best available. You will truly be in good hands at Satori Laser.