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How Long does Laser Hair Removal Last?

lasting laser hair removal

One of our frequently asked questions at Satori Laser is will laser hair removal last forever. Of course, it’s understandable to desire a lasting result, as you are investing a significant amount of money into laser hair removal. The fact remains, however, that there is no clear-cut answer to this question given the numerous circumstances that influence the longevity of laser hair removal results. While one person may never see their hair come back after just a few sessions, another may have to go through ten sessions to see results. That is why laser removal guarantees “permanent reduction,” rather than permanent removal. The truth is, no hair removal technique out there, including electrolysis, can guarantee life-long results.


There are a lot of factors that come into play.

A big one could be genetics; one’s hair can simply be relentless and resilient, yet in most cases, laser hair removal will significantly reduce even the darkest, thickest, and stubborn hair. Nevertheless, this could explain why some people see quick, lasting results while others require a longer journey.


Hormones can also influence the reappearance of hair

following a full round of laser hair removal treatments.If you become pregnant or go through menopause after laser hair removal, it is possible that some hair may come back due to the fluctuation of hormones. While it is unlikely that the hair will come back at the same rate and thickness it did before laser hair removal, you may want to consider getting a touch-up session to take care of the new hair.


Bear in mind that laser hair removal

Specifically the powerful Candela machines Satori uses, remove approximately 30% of the hair follicles with each session. That means it usually takes 4-5 sessions to completely eradicate hair. However, again, this varies from person to person. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal (dark hair, light skin) will likely see optimal results. However, with the improvements in technology recently, darker skin colors also experience a significant improvement.


The fact of the matter is

Although laser hair removal may not be permanent for some, it is the most lasting hair removal option out there. While waxing, threading, and tweezing have in some cases shown to yield lighter and reduced hairs. They simply cannot compete with laser hair removal. So if you’d like to save money, effort, and time, laser hair removal is your best option.