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Skin Care While Getting Laser

Everyone wants to have smooth and clear skin. Often we use a variety of products to help us achieve this. But, not all skin care is created equal. Some products can cause you to have a reaction if you are receiving laser to the area. So which products should you use?
Natural products are best. Products with natural ingredients tend to be gentle. If you are applying anything after treatment, stick to unscented, and hypoallergenic lotions and cleansers. Treat skin with lukewarm, not hot water, to avoid a reaction. It’s best to avoid applying anything to the area for the first 24 hours after treatment, except for aloe and SPF.
Certain skin products should be avoided. Anti-aging creams, topical acne treatments and vitamin C creams are all highly acidic. If you are using any of these products you should stop using them a week before on the areas you plan to have treated. It will help you to avoid various reactions and decrease your risk for post treatment irritation.
The number one rule while receiving laser is to be gentle with your skin before and after treatment. Don’t use harsh products or vigorously exfoliate the area before and after your appointment. When the hair begins to shed, exfoliate gently. Stick to mild products and avoid acidic ones. This is the best way to keep yourself on track to getting the flawless, soft skin you are looking for.