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Satori's Transparent Pricing

At Satori Laser we believe that honesty and transparency are key to have a good relationship with our clients. It is very common in the Laser Hair Removal industry to hide the costs of the treatments from clients until they are in store and they are about to start their journey, nowhere in other companies is a list of specific prices. Many times you find their "discount" but not the actual price, which is very misleading. We decided to break that tradition. 

You Have Options

Not only you can see the cost of each individual area of the body but you can also choose to buy single sessions or commit to a package of sessions. We do not require or clients to buy a membership nor a large number of sessions. During Consultation, the Laser Technician will explain to you around how many session you will need to achieve your desired results, but then how you buy those sessions is completely up to you and what works best for you.

Why is buying a package the best choice?

When you buy packages you get an extra discount in comparison to single session price. For example, one Brazilian sessions costs $149, the package of three sessions costs $402 and the package of six sessions costs $715 before taxes. If you were to buy one by one, by the time you treated three times this area you have spent $447 ($45 more than the pack of three) and by session number six you have spent $894 ($179 more than the pack of six).

When will the sessions you purchase expire?

Never. Our packages and sessions do not have an expiration date. Many situations can present in your life that can prevent you from having treatments for a long period of time, like pregnancy, sickness or a lack of hair growth. If you need to stop for a while, there is nothing to worry, when you are ready to be back your sessions will be there for you.

Sometimes seasonal sales might have an expiration date, please read carefully all details.

What happens if I treat multiple areas, does pricing changes?

So many companies push their clients to treat multiple areas and offer a discount ONLY  when you do so. We are different, we will give you the package discount on each area you are treating and you will add more areas on your own rhythm.

When your purchases total to a large amount, and it is a bit complicated for you to pay all at once, your Laser Technician will arrange a payment plan for you. They will separate your payment in two or three installments without any interest rate or change in the cost.

I had never try Laser Hair Removal, I am unsure...

For clients that might be a bit unsure or worried we also have the option to buy just a single session to try it out. Then if by their second treatment they have decided they want to commit to the process they can upgrade to a package of six sessions and get their package discount.

I changed my mind, now what?

We are very careful when selling sessions or packages to our clients. This is one of the reasons why we always recommend to wait to make any purchases until you have your Consultation or have talked to our Laser Technician in store to be aware of the different options and that the area is actually treatable. There are no refunds. 

If you change your mind about the area that you purchased for but would like to try Laser in a different one we are more than happy to apply the remaining value of anything purchased towards a different area of the body. If you will not be able to continue with Laser Hair Removal at all there is also the option to give the remaining value of your purchases to a friend or family member. 


Book a Consultation and find out why we are the best option for you!