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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I have been shaving and waxing my whole life but lately, laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular. A good friend of mine recommended Satori Laser and they had good reviews as well so I gave it a shot.

I stopped by the 34th st location and they have a really awesome coffee machine and free choco pie for their clients! If you are more of a tea person, they offer that as well. After checking in, I went into a room with one of the technicians, Melissa, and put on protective glasses. I forgot to shave but the technician used a new disposable razor and shaved for me. I don’t recommend not shaving before going in like I did though because you’re wasting session time.

Anyway, I just wanted my hands done and unfortunately for the technician, I was really fidgety because it was my first time and I was really nervous. She was patient nonetheless and kept asking me to describe the pain to her (to ensure my safety). To me, it feels like a water gun but a tad more painful. It’s less scary if you don’t look at the laser in my opinion, so I looked away a few times. After the session, Melissa gave me aloe vera and I thanked her and went on my merry way. My hands were also slightly pink but it went away after maybe five – ten minutes.

While waiting to see my results though, I noticed that I was growing random pieces of hair and I was worried. Turns out, it was just the hair trying to get out, not new hair growing. All of the awkward hair eventually did fall though! I honestly did not expect much from this, but just after one session a bunch of my hair was gone and the hair that grew back were barely visible.

I was so pleased after seeing the results that I went back to have my upper lips done. I have to admit – upper lips hurt a bit more, but it’s definitely doable. I had another technician this time – Masha. She was very thorough and made sure to zap all of my upper lip. Before proceeding, however, she asked when I last had sun exposure. Sun and laser do not mix and can cause complications. Thankfully I don’t spend much time in the sun. She first wiped my upper lip and then proceeded to zap away. It took maybe two minutes at most. It has been a few weeks since then and I noticed no hair growing back so far for my upper lips! 

Satori Laser has been so good to me and I will definitely come back for more sessions and try the bigger areas. 

Note: Client’s name is left out of her privacy.