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Hair Laser Removal

The Secrets of Hair Laser Removal

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) has always been beloved by fashion icons and is now more commonly known by the general public. Models, artists/celebrities, athletics all show prideful of their clear radiant skin, this trend is leading beauty lovers’  desire for laser hair removal. I get different bias comments on LHR from friends, which made me wonder the secrets of this hair removal technology. Is it safe? Is it effective? Why people so love/hate LHR? Although I’ve heard good/bad things from friends, their huge price difference and answers still surprised me after I called several popular laser places.

Recently I was introduced to Satori Laser by one of my friends. Being NYC’s largest chain store/laser hair removal corporation, Satori Laser represents the industries’ authority. It focuses on LHR since it was founded, and has been working closely with 12 of the top modeling agencies in New York. Satori is rated as “prime quality and affordable price, the perfect combination”.  These reasons made me believe that this is the right place for people who suffer from unwanted hair.

What are the gray areas of Laser Hair Removal (LHR)?

Many clients do not understand those professional terms and determine how high the technologies of laser machines are, resulting in wasting their money and time. We are surrounded by social media. All the information that we need on anything and everything can be Google within a click of our fingers.  However, more than 50% of the laser hair removal service websites, do not lay out their service price. This is very strange.  Even with stores that do offer to publish prices, I still wouldn’t know how to choose. We can only base everything off of our own experience and online ratings/reviews. You never know which one is legitimate.

Did you overpay for your service?

Cost is one of the important variables to concern able for LHR. The lack of information on the market, you don’t know what is the “right” price to pay for in order to get the best quality service and not have to overpay. For example, if we were buying a car, under the right circumstance. You know you will be paying more money to buy Rolls-Royce motor cars, as compared to other economy cars, because of their high efficiency and high quality. IPL are marketed as laser hair removal, however, IPL is not real laser according to FDA. IPL is being falsely marketed for LHR, claiming the same result and clients are charged at a very high cost. People are not getting the services that they believe to be paying for. This is a very common problem that I’ve encountered during my research.

Is LHR not effective?

The result of LHR depends on the client’s skin tone, the color of the hair, and the setting of the laser machine effects the result the most. Laser machines on the market are all approved by FDA, the key here is that how the laser machine cools down the hot feeling on the skin. The majority of the machine uses cool air to soothe the skin. Satori Laser uses Candela’s DCD system, using cryogen at -320F to balance out the heat of the laser at 0.01s before laser hits the skin surface.  Laser treatment using the cold air cannot cancel out the high temperature of the laser; during the treatment, technicians would lower the setting to make it bearable. As a result, the client would not get the effective result from the treatment.

Why isn’t cryogen widely used?

Cryogen is highly cost, one cryogen bottle needs to be replaced after one to two full body LHR. At such high cost, small and medium size laser center would not be able to keep up with such a highly maintenance device.

Is LHR permanent?

According to FDA research data, there are no lasers with the result 100% permanent hair removal. LHR reduces the thickness, quantity of hair and softens the coarse hair over time, resulting in a slower hair growth in the treatment area.  A portion of the race has seemed to have “permanent” hair removal results. Especially clients with light skin tone and dark hair color. LHR will not have results on white/gray or red hair. Blonde hair has responded not as well with LHR.

How to compare prices?

As savvy consumers, we all understand that “expensive/splurge doesn’t mean it’s the right decision”. To avoid the confusion with the prices, it is the best to compare both the quality and cost to find your laser center. After reading this article you should understand that simply comparing the price will not be comparing. You need to compare the same treatment device/machine, in order to get the best price and service quality.