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Maintenance and Touch Ups

Laser Hair Removal is permanent hair reduction, is very important to know that on each of your treatments around 20% of hair follicles are actively growing and is that percentage each time that gets reduced permanently, some of those hairs will never grow back and some will come back thinner and weaker. You repeat the process between 6 and 15 times depending on the area you are treating to get the most reduction possible to all of your hair cycles. 


And then what?

Then comes the Maintenance Stage, at this point it might takes years for a few hairs to grow back and you can treat them with our Touch Up rate, which is pulse based to make it very accesible and inexpensive for our client to keep their results.


Why do some hairs grow back after finishing my sessions?

Mostly because of something called "Dormant Hair Follicles" that wake up over time after important changes in our bodies, most of them hormonally caused. 

Hormonal areas like face, neck and brazilian might need maintenance once a year or once very two years. For non hormonal areas it might take three to five years to need any kind of touch up. 

If you have a hormonal imbalance, you experience an unusual amount of hair growth and clients with these condition might need more often touch ups than clients that do not. For example two or three times a year in some case and depending on how is the client being treated for the hormonal imbalance. 


How do I prepare for a Touch up/Maintenance treatment?

The difference with regular treatments and touch ups is that you need to come with the hair unshaved, with sufficient growth that is easy for the technician to circle them down. Then she will shave them in store and treat only the circled areas and the charge will be based on the number of pulses used by our machine. 

The rest of the protocols are the same. The area needs to be free of any products, tanning needs to be avoided  3-4 weeks before and 2 weeks after, for 24 hrs you will need to avoid any heat or work out and medications that cause photosensitivity can not be consumed 2 weeks before the treatment. 

If you do not know if your treatment would be considered just for maintenance or a regular treatment, feel free to call the location you tend to visit and they will ask you some questions to define this for you.