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What are Dormant Hair Follicles?

If you have had a Consultation with us you are aware of the fact that maintenance is often needed to keep the hair growth under control. Maintenance stage is very different for everybody, some people do not need any for 5 or 10 years and some others come in once a year to touch up the few hairs that start to show up. This is mainly due to dormant follicles that wake up over time.

What are Dormant Hair Follicles?

Dormant hair follicles are hair follicles that are present in the skin but are not actively producing hair. These follicles are in a state of rest, and they are not actively cycling through the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Hair follicles can become dormant due to a variety of reasons, such as aging, hormonal changes, stress, medication, or illness. When hair follicles are dormant, they are still alive and capable of producing hair, but they require certain signals to be activated.

The activation of dormant hair follicles can be influenced by a variety of factors, including hormonal changes, nutrient availability, blood flow to the scalp, and mechanical stimulation. For example, hair follicles can be stimulated by massaging the scalp, which increases blood flow and can activate dormant follicles.

In some cases, hair growth can also be stimulated through the use of topical treatments such as minoxidil, which is thought to increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to the scalp, and thereby promote hair growth.

However, it is important to note that not all dormant hair follicles can be activated, as the ability to produce hair may be permanently lost due to genetic factors or damage to the hair follicles.

Why do we have dormant hair follicles?

We have dormant hair follicles because hair growth is a cyclical process that is regulated by complex interactions between hormones, genetics, and other factors. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: the anagen (growth) phase, the catagen (transition) phase, and the telogen (resting) phase.

During the telogen phase, the hair follicle is dormant and not actively producing hair. This phase can last for several months, and it allows the hair follicle to rest and prepare for the next cycle of growth.

Having dormant hair follicles is a natural and necessary part of the hair growth cycle, as it allows the hair to grow and shed in a regulated manner. However, sometimes the hair follicles may remain in a dormant state for longer than usual due to various factors, such as aging, hormonal changes, or damage to the hair follicles. In these cases, the dormant hair follicles may require external stimuli or interventions to be activated and resume hair growth.

So the next time that you see a hair growing in an area that for months and months was completely hairless you will know who to blame; dormant hair follicles. Do not worry too much about them, this is why we have the Touch Up rate for you to just treat those few and not spend a lot of money on that.