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Satori Laser


  1.  Why would you come to us? I will give you great reasons – if any of our competitor’s prices match ours, you will get a free treatment. Keep in mind if our competitors… Use the same CANDELA equipment none of them beat our prices. If they have similar prices, none of our competitors would use the CANDELA equipment.
    •  None of our competitors have exclusive recommendations from New York’s top model management companies’ like we do.
  2.  We are the only place that exclusively specializes in laser hair removal.
  3.  None of our competitors match our level of service and exquisite treatment and atmosphere.
  4.  What would other Laser Hair Removal Centers do like Satori LASER Hair Removal Center, even at the start of the business? We donate 15% of the gross sale to the charity’s and organizations and we will continue to do so every month.
  5.  Once you have seen a technician and you have purchased a package with us you WILL be saying GOODBYE to your unwanted hair.
  6.  Compare the results, Compare the price, Compare the commitment, compare the treatment, compare the atmosphere and compare the fact that you are helping donate to charities.

OK now, it’s your call.