Bathing Suit Trends 2015: Show off that Satori Smooth Skin!

A good synonym for summer is bathing suit season. With that comes the yearly trend that dominates the swimsuit styles we’ll be sporting on the beach. This year, an eclectic mix of fashions was showcased in the swimsuit runway shows, which means the possibilities are pretty much endless for your beach wardrobe.

Cutouts: For the past few summers, cutouts have been a dominating trend for swimsuit season. Not only do they provide some ventilation on hot summer days, but they are also unquestionably edgy and sexy–a good way to show off the smooth skin. This year, in particular, a plunging neckline is ideal, but cut-out bathing suits come in all different styles, colors, and prints–so pick whatever strikes your fancy.

Retro Wear: Retro bathing suits have been on the rise for a few seasons now, with the likes of Taylor Swift and Beyonce rocking them on their beach vacations, but this summer is truly their breakthrough moment. No doubt, a higher waist-lined bottom, and a sweetheart top will be all the rage this summer. Though it harkens back to what your grandmother probably wore to the beach back in the day, with modern colors and prints, this throwback trend is a classic with a twist.

Sporty Spice: This year on the runways saw an influx in sportier styles that are less about showing off as much skin as possible and more about practicality and support through rigorous aquatic activity. Don’t fret though–they’re still sexy and show off some serious skin. These types of suits just have more structure, so when you go surfing or play volleyball, you won’t have a wardrobe malfunction. These types of suits usually include booty shorts or a higher neckline to keep everything in its rightful place as you hit the surf.

Ruffles and Fringe: Ruffles and Fringe are yet another recurring trend from last season that has continued to dominate the runways and trend projections–with good reason. Ruffles add a nice girly touch and also add some volume to your bust when worn on top. Fringe is still as edgy and boho as ever–it’s been incorporated in bikini tops, bottoms, and even one-pieces for that hippie-esque look. Choose either ruffles or fringe to express your personality–or maybe just your mood that day.

Bustiers: A good companion for the retro-inspired high waisted bikini bottoms, bustier bikini tops are hot this swimsuit season, which is good news for big-busted girls especially. Bustier tops offer great support and extra lift, as opposed to the triangle style that is usually the norm in the summertime. This bedroom classic is now commonplace on the beach because it’s sexy and flattering, and can go with a lot of different styles for bottoms.

Whatever style of swimsuit you choose, all of these bikinis will make a statement on the beach this summer and will express your personality in a fun way– but be sure that your skin is in tip-top shape so that you can sport these trends with the utmost confidence and spark. Add laser hair removal to your summer routine to get fast, effective results for smooth, hairless skin–and no doubt the best place to attain it is Satori Laser.

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