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A Store Manager at Satori Laser

At Satori Laser each of the members of the company are very important, we are continuously growing not only in experience but in number of locations. Today we talked with Hildelisa, she is a Manager of one of our stores.


How long have you been working for Satori Laser?

It's been 5 years.


How did you end up working for Satori Laser?

I used to live nearby this location, every time I would walk by I thought it was so pretty and clean, it seemed a nice place to work at. One day looking for jobs online I came across an offer for receptionist position for this specific location, came for an interview and the rest is history.


You started as a receptionist, What was the process to become a Manager?

It is all based in performance. Since my first year as a receptionist the Manager at the time noticed I was able to handle more responsibility and that I was very reliable. I actually enjoy being busy at work, if there is not much going on I will find something to do, I believe that showed my commitment. Then I was trained specifically for the position for months, until I was ready. It was a difficult process sometimes but the company is very supportive and helps you grow. 


What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Solving any issue or problem. I feel very fulfilled as a person when I am able to create a solution, or a better way to handle something. It could be with a client or with another staff member. Also, after 5 years, the people you work with becomes very important in your life, you get to know them well and appreciate them so much. 


What is the biggest challenge you have encountered?

The Pandemic was one of them for sure, coming back to work with so many restrictions and be able to follow all protocols. It was strange to all of us and finding resistance about a protocol, as masks were, it got sometimes stressful. 


As a Manager, Are you also a Laser Technician?

Everybody that works at Satori Laser receives Laser Training directly from Candela. The training process even for Receptionist is focused on learning everything about Laser Hair Removal. Some managers are Licensed Estheticians but this is not a requirement, the only ones required to have this type of license are our Technicians who perform the treatments. 


You know Satori Laser, and you must also know the industry. What is for you the difference between this company and others?

First, honesty. Everything we do at Satori is based on the clientele safety and well being, even raising prices is a very hard decision for us and we avoid it as much as possible. The technology we use is the newest and we renew our machines often, what is "old" for us is "new" and very expensive for other companies. How well trained everybody is, our personal system to select the right setting for each treatment, how we keep records of everything. We are just very detailed in everything we do. 


If someone is thinking about working at Satori Laser, What would you tell them?

Do not miss the chance to work at a company where you are always treated with respect and dignity, where you feel you are working with caring human beings, not a cold corporate. Where you can continue to grow, where your hard work is always noticed. Satori Laser's clear standards have improved my life. 


If you would like to apply for a job at Satori Laser click here