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Penny Basch

APM Model Management

As a beauty specialist, I highly recommend Satori Laser for skincare treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Spider Vein Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Sublative Rejuvenation, and Cellulite Reduction. As a woman running a model management company, I know the importance of looking and feeling your best. Satori Laser provides high quality services at an affordable price. Here at APM Model, we adhere to these same standards. After thoroughly examining the company, we chose Satori Laser to provide our models with the industry’s best laser beauty treatments. Beautiful, healthy skin is essential to the active lives of modern women. It is a comfort to know that when your skin needs special attention, Satori Laser’s cutting-edge treatments can restore your natural beauty. Many thanks to Satori Laser, for giving our models the perfect skin and confidence they need in such a competitive industry. I highly encourage those who are still weary of laser hair removal to try Satori Laser. Unlike any other laser center, it is their mission to build your confidence and beauty from the inside out. My experience at Satori Laser completely exceeded my expectations – You will be amazed by the results!

Women Direct

Recommendation Letter

We appreciate Satori Laser for its warm greetings, honest suggestions and professional services. I highly recommend Satori Laser!
Satori Laser has been offering the best and consistent services to our models.
Having deep relationships with both fashion and commercial clients, Woman Direct is well known for the gorgeous images of its models. To maintain healthy and young skin conditions for our models, I personally examined many skin spa providers to choose a service that would live up to our standards. Satori Laser has the industry's best laser beauty treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Tightening, Sublative Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing. Not only can they provide our models with high quality services, but their prices are very affordable.
For the past 5 years, Satori has helped a total of approximately 5,000 models to improve and maintain a smooth and glamorous skin. After seeing amazing results right after the first treatment, the models are quite satisfied with Satori for its outstanding technology as well as the reasonable prices. Unlike other spas, Satori employees treat clients like friends and family. We appreciate their warm greetings, honest suggestions and professional services. I highly recommend Satori Laser!
-- Mia Lolordo
Direct, Women Direct Model Agency

ONE. 1

Recommendation Letter

Satori offers top of the line services performed by a highly trained staff to make our models even more beautiful.
Whatever the issue may be, from acne scarring to unwanted hair -- Satori has One Model Management covered. We heavily rely on their professionalism and the effectiveness of their services for our models, who are often in high demand because of the immaculate appearance of their skin. Satori has proven to be incredibly accommodating to our models, who must look beautiful all of the time. Thanks to Satori, they fulfill the high standards of the fashion industry, and for such an affordable price, we feel everyone should utilize Satori's services.
We recommend Satori Laser not only to our models but to anyone who wants to look and feel beautiful -- you can't do any better than Satori in terms of quality and pricing.