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Laser Hair Removal Spending Statistics

Researching laser hair removal is quite the process. There is so much information, so many laser spas, so many people providing their reviews and experiences. While this is great for many reasons, it can be overwhelming for someone who is in the beginning stages of researching laser hair removal. That is why we want to help you with your research by summarizing some of the laser hair removal spending statistics. We’ve broken down the numbers to reveal how much people are spending on laser hair removal–and how many are glad that they took the plunge.

Growth Trend

As of 2009, laser hair removal is a $244 million industry–pretty good for a service that had only been FDA approved twelve years prior. On average, four treatments are needed and are priced at $329 per session. From 2000 to 2009, the number of laser hair removal procedures performed annually went up by nearly two hundred thousand treatments. In 2012, that number hit 1,118,254–that’s a crazy amount of growth! 924,000 laser hair removal procedures were done on women. 60% of women between the ages of 18 and 29 said they want laser hair removal–the demand has been increasing ever since.

Pain Level

When asked about the pain, 11% said they felt no pain at all–toughies! 48% experienced mild pain, which is a testament to the fact that laser hair removal is just not that painful. Majority of the people who performed laser hair removal agreed that the pain was very minimal. Nevertheless, 36% experienced moderate pain, which is likely attributed to people having different thresholds for discomfort. A mere 6% reported severe pain, which proves just how painless laser hair removal generally is.

Satisfaction Level

If you’re hesitant to try laser hair removal, consider this: 87% of laser hair removal customers said they would do it again. That is a crazy high amount of people that are happy with their experience! So forget all of the claims of a lot of pain and unsatisfactory results–do you think people would say they would go through laser hair removal gain if they didn’t like the result? We doubt they would pay money for something that didn’t work. So it’s apparent that an overwhelming majority were pleased with their new smooth skin!

Gender and Age Group

The data does suggest a reluctance on the part of men to jump on the laser hair removal bandwagon. Only 158,600 of procedures done were performed on men. That’s far less when compared to the amount performed on women. Unlike women, men’s involvement in laser hair removal has not been on the incline. Rather it has fluctuated from year to year.


The majority of laser hair removal procedures are performed on women under forty. Ladies ages 20-29 being the most frequent customers of laser hair removal practitioners across the country. They were followed by girls ages 13-19, showing that laser hair removal is favored by young women. Nevertheless, laser hair removal treatments are done for all age groups.


In 2012, Americans spent $483 million on laser hair removal. It was a year of unprecedented growth that is set to continue for the foreseeable future. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it? People must be paying for something. It’s not just about smooth skin–it’s more important to do away with insecurities to make way for a more self-assured, confident you. That’s why laser hair removal is so popular–and that’s why more and more New Yorkers choose Satori because the results come at a fair price.