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The Work of Lasers for Laser Hair Removal

The Laser hair removal method of hair removal shows excellent results on various body parts. These results achieve optimal hair removal of about 60-80% in just two or three sessions. Also, after the treatment, when the hair grows back, it tends to be finer and sparser. laser hair removalLaser hair removal should be repeated to improve results because only 20-30% of hair follicles are sensitive during one laser application. Lasers can stop hair growth by selectively heating dark target matter (melanin) in the area that causes hair growth while not heating the rest of the skin. Laser and light-based methods are also called photo epilation. The way of laser hair removal is following: the laser is directed onto the skin and melanin located in the hair follicles absorbs the laser high-energy light; the light transforms into heat and destroys the entire part of the follicle answerable for the growth of new hair.

A Delicate Balance

The laser is pulsed usually for only a fraction of a second, but it emits enough light and energy to be absorbed by the follicle and destroy it, but not long enough to let the heat excess to the skin surrounding the hair follicle. So the tricky part of laser hair removal is targeting the hair shaft without damaging the melanin pigment in the surface of the skin. But the work of laser hair removal depends on the thickness of the hair and the color of the skin. The darker a patient’s skin, the more difficult it is to avoid injuring the surface of the skin while treating the hair. For this reason, several main types of hair removal lasers are used today. One laser may provide benefits as compared to another.